September 21, 2023
My Experience with SugoiMart Lucky Bags Straight From Japan

Patty checks out the treasure trove of goodness from the Sugoi Mart online store – a Japanese outlet that seemingly has EVERYTHING packed into a Lucky Bag!

Back in June 2023, I treated myself and bought several items from Sugoi Mart. I was encouraged to buy from them due to a video posted by two influencers. One of which offered a discount code. But was the order worth shelling out for? Let’s go beyond the box and find out.

When I went to the retailer’s website, I found out that the shipping was going to be as much as the Lucky bag. This makes sense since it was coming from Japan. But I was disappointed that the influencer videos did not mention that as part of the total cost. Therefore, I needed to buy more items from the retailer to get a reduced shipping cost.

I navigated around the site and found two more bags to buy and get a bundle discount.

The Sanrio Lucky Bag and the Gachapon Lucky Bag

I also ordered some Japanese snacks as well to round out the order and to get a good shipping price. After everything was in my cart, I also received two special gifts, a Demon Slayer figure, worth about $40, and a free Gachapon, worth about $10. The total bill including shipping was $170.

About a week after I ordered, I was contacted by the retailer and told one of the snacks that I ordered was no longer available. They offered to have me look at the site and pick something else and they would refund the difference. I found one item to replace and it cost $1 less. Therefore, the entire total with shipping ended up being $169 with shipping. The shipment arrived about a month after I ordered. Two packages arrived, one in good condition, the other looks like it was smashed in transit.

Despite the possible damage to one of the boxes, I was excited that these arrived!

Japanese Snacks and Freebies — Good buy

I opened the smashed box first, to make sure all items were not damaged. This box included the snacks I ordered and the two free items, the Demon Slayer figure, which saw slight damage to the box, and the free Gachapon, which turned out to be a mini Vending machine with stuff to take in and out of it. Overall, a very good box, despite the possible damage.

The undamaged one, Box 1, contained the Lucky Bags I ordered.

Sailor Moon Lucky Bag. — Good buy

I opened the Sailor Moon lucky bag first. I was expecting at least the following items in the bag a figure, a plushie, and a towel/washcloth. Fortunately, the bag gave me two out of the three that I was expecting. I received a Glitter and Glamour Super Sailor Moon figure that I did not have and a Sailor Moon washcloth, no plushie though. Also, included were a few other items including a key chain, a small notepad, masking tape, and a very cute Sailor Moon clear plastic cup. Overall, I was happy with what I received, even if I did not get a plushie.

Sanrio Lucky Bag — Great Buy

The next bag I opened was the Sanrio Lucky bag. Since I did not see a video of this, I only had expectations of items related to Sanrio characters, and this bag not only met but exceeded my expectations. I received a very cute plushie, snack crackers, a rice bowl with cups, stationery items, and even Hello Kitty Noodles. Overall, as I said previously, this bag was a great buy and I recommend getting this if you are a Sanrio fan!

Gachapon Lucky Bag—Definitely NOT worth the Price

The last Lucky Bag I opened was the Gachapon Lucky Bag and this bag was a great disappointment and made me almost regret buying from Sugoi Mart. The website advertised the bag would contain the possibility of anime-related Gachapons. I figured that meant that I would get maybe one or two in the bag. Unfortunately, the bag contained no anime-related items whatsoever. The items included small foods, a dog tag from a game that I knew nothing about, another vending machine in a different color, a drink key chain, a cat figurine, and a small video game. The small video game was the only item that both my husband and I thought was cool. The others were VERY disappointing. I felt that they just threw in whatever leftovers were around. Overall, I am sorry that I purchased it and I would never purchase a Gachapon Lucky Bag from Sugoi Mart again.


Overall, I think only part of my order was worth the price I paid. As far as recommending others to buy from SugoMart here is what I will say to them…

Think carefully before buying from them unless you want to pay large shipping fees or, if you are like me and do not mind adding items to the cart to reduce the shipping fee, I would stick with themed bags that give you the possibility of getting items you want instead of the generic Lucky Bags which you may be disappointed like I was.

Explore the full Sugoi Mart range here. Have you considered buying a Lucky Bag before, if so what was your experience?


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