October 4, 2023
Hot Toys Review | Cad Bane & TODO-360 (Star Wars: The Book Of Boba Fett)

“The Hot Toys Cad Bane figure is a must-have for Star Wars fans. It’s a great figure that comes with three impressive interchangeable faces. Plus, if you get the deluxe version, you also get his cool droid companion TODO-360.”

One of the most feared bounty hunters in the Star Wars galaxy is finally here. Hot Toys has recently released their Cad Bane figure from The Book of Boba Fett. There are two versions – the basic one that just comes with Cad Bane and the deluxe version that includes his droid TODO-360 from The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch.


The box is thinner and taller than usual but design-wise, this is the same Star Wars collectibles box. There’s a promotional picture of the figure. If you got the basic version, the picture will only feature Cad Bane. While on the deluxe version, it also features TODO-360. For The Book of Boba Fett figures, the colored strip is yellow/orange and features Boba’s palace. You get two additional pictures of the figures on the strip and a big photo when you remove the first part of the box.

In terms of accessories, there’s some really good stuff if you get the deluxe version. TODO-360 didn’t appear in The Book of Boba Fett and yet Hot Toys has given us his figure. I’m really happy we got him, the more figures from The Clone Wars we get, the better. Though, I’m disappointed when it comes to the hands, there is the bare minimum, they could have given us more on that side. And I wouldn’t have minded the toothpick as well.

The display base is your usual sandy footprints display base. We are never going to get rid of this one. As I always say about this base, I love the sandy texture but the footprints are annoying. When you pose the figure if you don’t want it to look a bit off, you have to put the feet exactly where the footprints are. The stand is a dynamic one so be careful. I’ll drop a link to my video on how to avoid damaging your figures with dynamic stands in the description down below. As for TODO, his base is transparent. It’s as simple as it gets. The stand can move so you can have the figure in flight position. Hot Toys could have made an effort and given us a little sandy base to match with Cad Bane, obviously not with the footprints.


Then, he has six hands – two fist hands, two hands to hold the blasters, and two open hands. As for the weapons, he has his two LL-30 blaster pistols. They have the perfect cowboy/western vibe with a Star Wars twist to it. Hot Toys used nice silver paint and wood-like paint for the handle. He also has a flamethrower effect you can attach to his wrist. With the deluxe version, you get thrusters effects you can attach to his boots. Finally, there are also thrusters effects for TODO and an additional pair of legs for wheel mode.


TODO-360 is a bit taller than I expected. You need to use the stand with this figure because his head is heavier than his body. With this design, the transition between animation and live-action is smooth. Hot Toys did great work with this droid. There’s a nice weathering all over the body. The articulation is limited, you can move his head, his shoulders, and his legs. For a droid like this one, that’s perfectly fine.


Any time a character from The Clone Wars makes the jump to live-action, I’m happy. It was such a great surprise to see Cad Bane in The Book of Boba Fett and now his figure is here. The transition from animation to live-action is simply perfect, nothing to say about it. In terms of design, he is the archetype of the space cowboy. He looks so cool with his hat and trenchcoat. Hot Toys has nailed it recreating this character in figure format.

The boots are made of plastic, it’s just one piece but since they’re not high, you still allow feet articulation. The belts and holsters are using pleather. It’s a bit delicate to put the blasters in these holsters. If you don’t want to damage them, I wouldn’t recommend putting the blasters and removing them from the holsters too often. Apart from that, the rest of the costume is made of fabric. Thus, you can get great action poses with this figure. The costume itself is simple, it’s all brown but there are a lot of small details. On the torso, he has these little plates and at the back, he has a backpack to which his front tubes are connected. The backpack is not removable.

The wrist armors are made of plastic. There’s a subtle weathering and dirt effect on them. As usual with Hot Toys it’s all about the details. The gauntlet on my right has a cable that is connected to itself so it’s not a problem for the articulation of the arm. The other gauntlet has a cable connected to the rest of the arm inside the coat so for this one, I would say not to push the articulation too far for the arm. Nevertheless, it maintains a good articulation range.


The fabric used for the hat is very similar to buckskin. It looks even better in person than in the promotional pictures. It’s a proper hat but in figure format. And yes, it is removable. When you remove it, you can see a plate on his head. This is actually a reference to the unfinished arc from The Clone Wars that featured a confrontation between him and a young Boba Fett. So what we see in The Book of Boba Fett is a rematch. Cad actually makes a reference to that arc during their rematch as he talks about a lesson to teach him. In the arc, Bane was kind of a mentor to Boba for a short time. Despite not being released, this arc still counts in the Star Wars canon.

Moreover, the headsculpt is spot on, this is Cad Bane. Hot Toys has done a fantastic job here! I love the threatening look they have given him. But that’s not the only expression you can get. He has two additional interchangeable faces. You also get the angry look with his mouth slightly opened and his eyes are even more threatening. And, the final face is what I call the action face with his mouth opened as if he was shouting. The three expressions are all impressive. I know that I am often going to change the face I use for my display.



The Hot Toys Cad Bane figure is a must-have for Star Wars fans. It’s a great figure that comes with three impressive interchangeable faces. Plus, if you get the deluxe version, you also get his cool droid companion TODO-360.

Sideshow Collectibles distribute the Hot Toys Cad Bane in Europe and the United States!


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