October 3, 2023

Confusion reigns in the DC Universe as the future of Wonder Woman is up in the air. So we ask…what EXACTLY is going on with Wonder Woman 3?

We have to ask the question…what EXACTLY is going on with Wonder Woman 3? With the shakeup at Warner Bros. and the new team of James Gunn and Peter Safran, we all expected a new actress to be taking over the role. Patty Jenkins walked away after her script was rejected. And we thought that was that. That was until actress Gal Gadot very publically stated that she, Gunn, and Safran had sat down to discuss the future of the character. And how she was assured she was still a large part of the future of the DCU. She even went as far as to quote a conversation she had with the pair, as reported by Flaunt magazine:

“I was invited to a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran [co-chairperson and CEO of DC alongside Gunn] and what they told me, and I’m quoting: ‘You’re in the best hands. We’re going to develop Wonder Woman 3 with you. [We] love you as Wonder Woman— you’ve got nothing to worry about.’ So time will tell.”-Gal Gadot



However, her statement has been thrown into doubt. Variety is now reporting that Wonder Woman 3 is NOT going forward. It has also been claimed that no agreement was ever in place for Gal Gadot to reprise the role again, with sources saying:

“nothing was ever promised to Gadot regarding ‘Wonder Woman 3’” and that there was never “any definitive discussion of Gadot’s Wonder Woman continuing with the new DC Universe.“


So, what is happening with the film? Does ANYBODY have any idea? It is a classic tale of he said/ she said at the moment by the sounds of things. With the strikes continuing on in Hollywood, it may be some time before we get a definitive answer. Only James Gunn and Peter Safran know the direction they are going in and who will be playing what character going forward. And they ain’t talking. A simple statement could easily clear up the confusion. So far, it’s all quiet on the Themyscira front.

Maybe it’s simply a case of the pair concentrating on the announcements they’ve already made. But if that is the case, why has Gal Gadot stated that she’s had talks with the pair about continuing on in the role? Why state that a third Wonder Woman film will be coming? What does she have to gain by saying what’s been reported if it hasn’t happened? The answer is…NOTHING. Gal Gadot has nothing to gain by making up a story like this, to whip the DC fandom up into a frenzy. Something isn’t adding up.


The actress recently played the role in Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, and The Flash. Granted they were mere cameo roles but they elevated the films. We also keep hearing whispers and rumours that she will cameo as the character in the upcoming Blue Beetle. We have to take that piece of gossip with a large pinch of salt. But what if it happens to be true? Blue Beetle is supposed to be the first film in the all-new DCU. If it is, and Gal Gadot appears as Wonder Woman in it, then the big reset promised isn’t such a big reset after all. However, if she doesn’t, then the answer may become a little clearer.


If the actress appears in a cameo in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, we won’t be as confused as we are now. The second solo film for the Jason Momoa-played character is supposed to be the finale for the Snyderverse. So any cameo in it will mean nothing going forward. But again, we hear rumours that Momoa too has been retained for the new DCU. Does that mean that only Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck have been dumped? Ezra Miller COULD stay in his role as Barry Allen/ The Flash going forward. But again, the plans haven’t been made clear. The more we don’t get a definitive answer, the more stories such as this are likely to appear.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, A Warner Bros. Pictures Release.

What do you think is going on? Do you think Gal Gadot will still be Wonder Woman in the new DCU? Or do you think it is a case of wishful thinking on her part? Head down to the comments section to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trailer Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Gal Gadot quote courtesy of Flaunt Magazine. Sources quote courtesy of Variety.





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