September 27, 2023

Hot Toys unveil a new limited Iron Man figure in quarter scale!

After Moff Gideon‘s announcement, Hot Toys has revealed another figure today. It is a new quarter scale Iron Man. This time, it is Mark III but in a golden color version. However, this is an exclusive figure that is limited to 300 pieces in stock at the Hot Toys Shanghai Flagship store and at the Hot Toys WeChat Store. This is similar to last year’s second re-issue of Iron Man Mark V. This exclusive is to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Hot Toys store in Shanghai.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the release of the first Iron Man movie. The charismatic and wealthy industrialist Tony Stark, who later became the armored superhero, Iron Man. Over the years the high-tech suits featured remarkable strength, speed and agility, granting Stark unparalleled maneuverability on the battlefields.
In commemoration of this special occasion along with one-year anniversary of Hot Toys Shanghai Flagship store, we are delighted to introduce the Iron Man Mark III (Golden Color Version) in 1/4th scale collectible figure with limited quantity of 300 pieces in stock, exclusively available in Hot Toys Shanghai Flagship store and Hot Toys WeChat store.
Stands approximately 45.5cm in height, the quarter scaled Iron Man Mark III captures its appearance in the Iron Man movie with great attention to details. Features a LED lighted helmet, and various LED areas to accentuate the armor design. Streamlined armor painted in different shades of metallic gold with chrome plated armor pieces to leave a lasting impression. Also, articulated armor parts that can reveal its interior mechanical design or mounted weapons are impressively done. What’s more! This figure exclusively includes a specially designed clear acrylic display case with unique serial number and intricate mechanical patterns.
Suit up your Iron Man collection with the one-of-a-kind Mark III collectible figure.

SOURCE: Hot Toys

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