December 7, 2023
Halloween's Michael Myers is Coming to Fortnitemares 2023!

Look out Haddonfield. Michael Myers will be stalking the streets of Fortnite thanks to the Fortnitemares 2023 Halloween update!

The spooky season is upon us and Fortnite is playing the ultimate game of trick or treat on us. Today, Epic Games has confirmed that Halloween is the latest addition to their treasure trove of franchise collaborations. And thanks to the new Fortnitemares 2023 update, the legendary Halloween slayer Michael Myers will be stalking the map.

Yes, the Boogeyman, or the Shape, if you ask John Carpenter, will soon be available to purchase from the revamped item store. What’s more, Myers will be utilizing his iconic kitchen knife as his harvesting tool (Pickaxe) and will be sporting his famous stabbed jack-o-lantern as a back bling. And if that isn’t enough to have you adding your babysitter on speed dial, an all-new emote will see the legendary killer playing John Carpenter’s iconic theme via a spooky keyboard. But in true Halloween fashion, Michael will be playing the tune with his trusty knife!



Ordinarily, Michael Myers alone would be enough to have us stabbing scary faces into our pumpkins, but there’s more. Epic Games also confirmed that Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas will also be unleashed during the spooky season. And he’ll be arriving with a host of cool accessories including his scary face emote. Finally, rounding out the big Fortnitemares releases is best-selling novelist Alan Wake. He’s already haunted by his own twisted tales, and soon he’ll be haunted by Fortnitemares.

Aside from the big collaborations, there is a plethora of new spooky skins dropping throughout the month. Some are spooky versions of old friends. Others are terrifying new additions to the roster. But either way, all of them are a shoo-in to make your scary character preset list. But don’t take my word for it. Move to the edge of your seat, grab a cushion to hide behind, and join us as we explore what’s coming!


New and returning Outfits will haunt the Item Shop during Fortnitemares 2023. The new Outfits include wrapped rapscallion Seth, muckfish Bogstick, meownstrosity Phantom Meowscles, and nautilus Festival Phaedra:



The “Pumpkin King” Set items are on their way — look out for the Jack Skellington Outfit in the Item Shop later in Fortnitemares 2023! This Outfit includes the Santa Jack alt Style.


In addition to the Zero Back Bling, Peppermint Parasol Pickaxe, and Jack’s Sled Glider, there’ll be two Emotes accompanying Jack Skellington. Scare your squad with the Jack’s Scary Face Emote built into the Outfit, and travel on clawfoot with the universal Lock, Shock and Barrel’s Tub Emote.


The Island is not far enough from Haddonfield: “The Shape” is on his way to the Shop. Watch your back for when the Michael Myers Outfit arrives later in Fortnitemares 2023.



He’s already haunted by his own twisted tales, and soon he’ll be haunted by Fortnitemares. Best-selling novelist Alan Wake is being written into Fortnite with the Alan Wake Outfit — look out for when his chapter starts in the Item Shop later during Fortnitemares 2023!


Fear not dear readers because it’s not all scary skins and characters heading our way throughout October. Epic Games is bringing in a host of terrifying weapons to slay your victims with. From the classic Punmkin launcher to the chilling wood stake shotgun, there are a ton of new gadgets to employ. Read on for the full details.


Here’s something all stakeholders can align on: Kado Thorne must be defeated. Use the Wood Stake Shotgun — findable from the ground, regular and Rare Chests, and Holo-Chests — to help you defeat Thorne at Eclipse Estate.


Thorne, if defeated, will drop a Mythic blade. Fitting for a weapon owned by a vampire, Thorne’s Vampiric Blade gives Health at the expense of others’. How? Upon damaging an enemy with it, some of your Health will slowly be restored.


If a vampire wasn’t Octobery enough, the Pumpkin Launcher is unvaulted! Launch explosive jack-o’-lanterns that’ll give opponents a scare. Pumpkin Launchers can be found from the ground, regular and Rare Chests, Holo-Chests, and flying drones.


What’s that in the air? Is that a Rocket Ram, or the unvaulted Witch Broom? Activate a Witch Broom to quickly launch yourself in the air then glide down to the surface. (This ability especially comes in handy during skirmishes you’re not prepared for.) Find Witch Brooms from the ground and Chests.


Have a sweet time in battle. Candy Corn, Pepper Mints, Hop Drops, and Jelly Beans are unvaulted during Fortnitemares 2023, each offering a distinct benefit. (For example: Hop Drops give a temporary low gravity effect.) Find these Candy items by looking in Candy Buckets, ringing doorbells, defeating guards, or taking down bosses.


Like all updates, Epic Games has also dropped a host of new quests to complete. And as always, they grant players some cool extra rewards. Everything from emotes, back bling, lobby music, and gliders are available to unlock, and they look every bit as scary as the new characters. Let’s check out what’s available and how to unlock it. 

The Candy’s not the only treat during Fortnitemares 2023. Complete Fortnitemares Quests for in-game rewards! Completing individual Fortnitemares Quests will earn you XP, while completing certain amounts will earn you new, eerie Locker items:

  • Complete 5 Fortnitemares Quests to earn the Bat Royale Back Bling and a Cat Banner Icon.
  • Complete 15 Fortnitemares Quests to earn the Sweet! Emote, Phantasmic Fall Contrail, and Hypno-Bat Spray.
  • Complete 25 Fortnitemares Quests to earn the Revenant Rider Glider, Within the Sanctum Loading Screen, and Rise of the Revenant Lobby Track.

The Fortnitemares Quests will progressively become available over the course of Fortnitemares, and will remain available to complete until Fortnitemares ends (Nov. 3, 2023, at 2 AM ET). The Quests will challenge you to keep heisting Thorne’s properties, use the new and unvaulted Fortnitemares items, and more. Want a Battle Royale break? There are also Fortnitemares Quests that challenge you to earn XP in creator-made experiences!


The Horde Rush limited-time experience is back! In a team, go to different locations and survive each one’s Cube Monster horde. Keep surviving until you beat the Final Boss! As you’re taking down monsters, rack up your score by earning combos and collecting score multipliers. Horde Rush will be available until Fortnitemares ends (Nov. 3, 2023, at 2 AM ET) and is accessible via Discover.

Horde Rush has its own set of Quests, available until the end of Fortnitemares! Complete individual Horde Rush Quests to earn XP, and complete certain amounts to earn new Locker items:

  • Complete 1 Horde Rush Quest to earn the The Murk Wrap.
  • Complete 4 Horde Rush Quests to earn the Heart-o-Lantern Emoticon.
  • Complete 7 Horde Rush Quests to earn the Batwing Bonespike Pickaxe.

Show the Cube Monsters they’re nothing but squares — the Horde Rush Quests will challenge you to land Cube Monster headshots, attack Cube Monster spawners, collect score multipliers, and more.


As mentioned above, the all-new Fortnitemares season launches today. However, Michael Myers will not become available until later in the season. But rest assured, as soon as we hear more from Epic Games about his official release date, we’ll update the post with all the juicy details. Be sure to hit that subscribe button at the top of the homepage and get the latest Fortnite news and reviews delivered straight into your inbox!

Will you be visiting the new map and testing out the new Fortnitemares season? Are you excited about Michael Myers? Sound off in the comments section below. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some victims to attend to. See you on the map!






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