December 2, 2023

“The Hot Toys Iron Man 2.0 MK-III is a huge improvement. The quality feels like a quarter-scale figure with so many details. This is truly an impressive figure!”

After releasing a new version of Iron Man Mark-I, Hot Toys is now giving us a 2.0 version of Iron Man Mark-III! But is Tony Stark’s glorious red and gold armor really worth your hard-earned cash? Let’s go beyond the box, charge the repulsor blasters, and find out.


The box uses the same thick cardboard box and foam box as other Iron Man figures. Except this one is bigger than usual because of the display base. It features a nice promotional picture of Iron Man. On the side and the back, there are some images of the first Iron Man film. It’s a nice box design.

This Iron Man comes with a lot of accessories. There are battle-damaged parts for a different look and since it’s the special edition, there are also additional accessories. The display base is huge, I love it when they give us environments like this one. These are the best bases. This one features one arm and the head of Iron Monger under some debris. It’s really impressive! They have done great work sculpting this. I also love the Iron Man nameplate on this base. Sure, it does take more space than a basic display base but it’s so beautiful!


As I said earlier, this figure comes with a set of battle-damaged pieces – a bust piece, shoulder pieces, and a face plate. The battle scratches, weathering, and markings are well done. It’s always better when we have different options for display! Iron Man also has additional pieces – a set of missile launchers for the shoulder pieces and the forearms along with a set of additional weapons for the forearms. These pieces are nicely detailed.

In terms of hands, he has fist hands, open hands, and fully articulated finger hands as usual for Iron Man figures. The additional accessory for the special edition is a battle-damaged helmet, it’s well done and I think it can be nice for a pose with the headsculpt and the figure holding this helmet.


When I received this one I thought the lights would be USB-powered, I had this in mind but no, it’s not this one, it was Mark I and it’s the upcoming Mark VI too. So we still have to put up with batteries until then.

This is a 2.0 figure and honestly, this upgrade is amazing. When you look at it like this, it doesn’t feel like a sixth scale but it feels like a quarter scale. It’s so impressive. There are a lot of details and parts you can move. I have to applaud Hot Toys here for the work they have done. As usual with Iron Man figures, it’s a diecast figure, so it’s heavy and the metallic paint is just beautiful. I love the small weathering and battle scratches that have been applied here and there on the armor, just the right amount, not too much. It’s different enough from the battle-damaged look.

The legs at the back have moveable air flaps! Yes and same for the back! As you can see there are extra pieces on these air flaps. It’s usually something you would see on a quarter-scale figure rather than a sixth scale. I love little details like these. And that’s not all, there are countermeasures on the hips that can be deployed. It impresses me to see everything you can do with this figure. You can move the parts around the waist for better leg articulation. You can also slightly pull down the legs for a wider articulation range. The shoulders can also be pulled up for better arm articulation. Diecast figures are the best for poses.


The headsculpt is a brand new one and it’s absolutely beautiful. This is Robert Downey Jr. at the time of Iron Man. It’s truly spot on. And I like the little blood drop on the side, it looks great for a battle-damaged pose. No separate rolling eyeballs on this one. The head and the neck are two separate pieces so you have a better articulation range, he can look up, look down, and look on each side.



This 2.0 version of Iron Man MK-III is a huge improvement. The quality feels like a quarter-scale figure with so many details. This is truly an impressive figure!

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