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Before I get started reviewing this episode, please just let me take the time to say how extremely sorry I am for not updating this sooner. Due to a personal reason that some of you may have read about on my Twitter, this sadly had to keep taking a back seat. Please believe me when I say that even with my personal situation going on, I honestly felt back for every day that went by where I didn’t post for you guys. Due to that, I’m going to give you a double dose. Instead of posting my review on two consecutive days, I’m going to post them both today. Don’t worry. They will be in two separate, hopefully bite sized as usual, chunks. With that explained, I will now finally get on to my review.

Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

So originally I watched this episode at eight in the morning after getting very little sleep due to being a night owl (and more than a little excitement about this coming back due to how built up it was). I’m still not sure what woke me up at that time, up I was up and decided to watch the new episode.

To start with, let me just say that while I have been hearing everyone singing the praises of this episode, I actually thought that was very…underwhelming. I thought that after I saw it the first time and I still think it now. I mean, I guess I can see why people would think it was great, but I just didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, there were things in it that I enjoyed, but overall it just didn’t impress me much.

Ok, so, what did I like about the episode? Well to go in order, it was nice to still see Kanan still attempting to guide himself with his hand. Shows that he hasn’t completely mastered using the Force as his new set of eyes. You can see him do this when he first enters the save with Rex and Ezra. It’s only a quick second, but still visable.

The second thing I liked was Chopper actually listening to someone other than Hera and demonstrating that he actually can be serious and more than everyone’s favorite grumpy cat. He does this on a few occasions throughout the episode. As much fun as it is to see him tease and torment (and kill) others, at the same time, it also gives him more depth to know that he is actually capable of following orders when needed.

Something else that was cool was getting the Geonosian’s point of view when Kanan was first looking…er listening for it. Sorry Kanan! Anyway, moving on, it was something I LOVED in the battle of Scarif in Rogue One and it was something I loved her. Outside of first person video games, it’s not something you see much, so it’s nice to get it every now and again.

One thing I actually loved in this episode though was Rex’s line, “He’s no Skywalker”, to which Kanan answered back, “I heard that”. It’s funny because while Rex is right, to me it’s not for the reason he thinks. He’s right because Kanan is no Skywalker, he’s better. I’d like to see Anakin make a leap like that blindfolded. Heck I’d like to him do even half the things Kanan does, blindfolded. It would definitely make a more interesting prequel story than we given, am I right?

Now, to briefly go over the things I didn’t like. In short, it was Ezra’s constant questions, Chopper not getting a vote and the code names. To start with, while I know the questions were natural and needed to help move the story along, it would have also been nice to have Kanan ask one or two so it wasn’t just coming from one character. Guess I’m just not a fan of one person asking so many obvious questions. Don’t know what caused it or why they did so, so let’s investigate.

Something else I didn’t like during the first part of this episode was Chopper not getting a vote when Rex, Kanan and Ezra were attempting to figure out whether or not to continue looking for Saw and his group without backup. The only reason I can think of is because depending on how Chopper voted, it could have been another deadlock. Either that or Ezra was just being a dick. Although that when then bring up the question of why Kanan allowed it in the first place. I thought Chopper was a part of the crew and as such was allowed a vote. Huh, guess not.

Now, on my final point of things I didn’t like in this episode was the use of the code name ‘Specter’, when they also use their real names on the same communication system. I thought that the point of code names was to cover one’s true identity, not give it away by saying it shortly after. Hey, what do I know? I have been known to be wrong from time to time.

In closing, while it does seem like there were more things about this episode that I liked than disliked, somehow it was still underwhelming for me. Might have just been because the stakes didn’t feel all that high in this episode, but who knows? From the look of the trailer though, it looks like this will eventually change.

So hope to see you in part 2! Bye!

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