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Welcome back everyone! Let’s get started with part two shall we? It obviously picks up where part one dropped off.

More spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

Saw has just released the Geonosian after aggressively questioning it. Shortly after, the newly named Klick-Klak draws what we know to be the infamous Death Star in the dirt, the one that orginally upped the anti. To me it was just funny how Saw, Rex and Ezra kept bringing up the different things that the circle inside a circle could be. First they think it could be the planet, then later in the episode the egg it was carrying and finally the gas canisters that they find. It was funny to me because obviously living outside this fictional world, I’m able to look down the line and realize what it actually is. Although it’s more of that, nervous kind of laughter.

Moving on, as much as I am a rebel through and through, I have to admit that it was nice to see a female in charge of an Imperial ship. It’s not something you see too often, although luckily that is changing. Yes her ship eventually gets destroyed (and her likely killed from the exploding gas canisters later in the episode), but it was still cool to see.

Now, following along with the episode, Zeb and Sabine arrive back at the Ghost with a military grade shield generator they managed to grab and Hera immediately calls for him. Upon hearing him groan, I couldn’t help but laugh in sympathy as the same thing has happened to me many more times than I bother counting at this point. Come through the door after a long hard day, only to hear my name called. Kriff! No rest for the weary as they say. Sorry Zeb, I really feel for you big guy.

Shortly after this, I am once more forced to laugh as Klick-Klack again draws what we know to be the Death Star. I laugh this time because I can only imagine Ezra and Rex’s face when they finally realize what he was really drawing in the dirt years ago, assuming they’re still alive of course. Well Rex may be, but Ezra…uh, yeah, sorry, you have no plot armor. May the force be with you though. *Nervously smiles and two thumbs up*

“Stupid sand. It gets everywhere.” Now you guys know why I don’t like the beach…well besides constantly getting sunbunt due to my light skin that is. As put off as I was by Hayden’s delivery of this line years ago, I also couldn’t help but internally laugh at how I was able to relate. Aside from Kayaking, running and the occasional bonfire, I don’t go there. You can try all you want to get me to go there for any other reason, but I wish you luck as it’s likely not happening. The difference this time around though, was I was able to let out a bigger and more appreciative laugh for two reasons. One, I liked the call back, no matter how much that movie utterly sucked, and two I still agree with it to this day.

Fast forwarding to further into the episode and we see Saw shocking the poor Geonosian. He did nothing wrong, he was just trying to protect the egg. I hated this for two reasons. One because it was just plain torture and two because it just comes out of nowhere. Yes we know Saw is an extremist and has all but admitted to this fact, but for me this torture seems to come out of nowhere. One minute he’s tolerating the bug and the next he’s torturing him. This part just didn’t work for me. This is only compounded by the fact that he threatens to shoot the egg, the last chance this species has of surviving after being denied use of the Phantom.

Speaking of the auxiliary ship, did he honestly think he could get away on it, with Klick-Klack as well? I thought he was supposed to be smart…apparently not. I couldn’t help but drop my head and think ‘dude, you’re an idiot’ at this part.

Luckily the next part cheered me back up: rocket troopers! Again, as much as I am a rebel, I have to admit I liked these guys, because how can you have good heroes without good villains? These guys are cool. Well that and like with the female in charge of the Star Destroyer, it’s not something you see everyday.

Speaking of rocket/jetpacks, it was nice to see that Sabine had fixed hers. Guess she finally has that jetpack that she’s always wanted. Since we weren’t given a chance to get a good look at it, I wonder how she designed the outside? My guess is maybe with her Starbird symbol. Either way, like Ezra, I want one. “I know.” -Sabine.

Then, watching the end of the episode where Hera takes off practically vertically out of the tunnel, I couldn’t help but laugh and think, ‘And I thought commercial airliners took off steep.’ They had to be feeling some G-forces during theirs. If this weren’t a science fiction show, I’d be surprised that the missiles left the tubes with how many G-forces were likely pushing against them.

If I’m wrong and this would actually work, someone please tell me in the comments as I’m honestly curious. Yes I know that’s what killed the cat, but it was satisfaction that brought it back. No, I don’t take credit for the second part of this saying, I just remember hearing it years ago and have been using it ever since.

Since the episodes ends shortly after this, I am going to end here and say thank you all for taking the time to read this. I greatly appreciate it and want to give a special shoutout to Phil Roberts for following me. It means so much and I hope you continue to like my work.

So until next time everyone, bye!

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