Starring the greatest droids from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: R2-D2, Chopper, AP-5 and K-2SO

Hello everyone and Happy May the Fourth! I Hope it’s all going awesome for you! Here at Future of the Force, we are celebrating Star Wars Day by selecting four of our favourite things from the franchise we all love. I chose to share my top 4 droid moments with you…because, who doesn’t love a droid!

Normally, I would have simply shared their top moments individually, but I just couldn’t choose between them. They’re all so fun in their own way. R2-D2 is the one Astromech you want to have by your side in a pitch, Chopper if you need someone…..err, dealt with, AP-5 whenever (because why not), and K-2SO when you’re having a bad day and need that bit of dry humour to lighten the mood.

So without further ado, here’s my top 5 droid moments, in no particular order:

1) R2-D2: When he pushes C-3PO off the barge and into the sand in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. It’s just so funny to see him do that. No warning. Just off you go. He can be quite a help sometimes. Maybe not in the way you expected, but still a help. Hahahahahaha gets me every time.

2) Chopper: When he meets AP-5 for the first time aboard an Imperial starship in the Rebels episode “The Forgotten Droid”. As a reminder, he was holding a new “leg” — or ambulatory strut as they call it in the show — and of course uses it against AP-5. It was just such a funny scene to watch. Oh…when it comes to those two, it is hard to go wrong.

3) AP-5: When he bursts into song at the end of “Double Agent Droid”. It’s just so fun and not something you expect to see. When I first saw it I couldn’t help but double over in laughter. Watching this part of the episode, will make you believe a droid can sing. Just too fun.

4) K-2SO: When he tells Jyn, “I’ll be there for you…Cassian said I had to” towards the end of the movie. It’s just so funny. At first you’re like ‘Aww, he has a heart’ then moments later, you’re laughing going, ‘Oh. That makes more sense.’ Even now I’m laughing just thinking about it.

These droids are just too funny.

Then again, that’s likely because they all mirror different parts of my personality. Sometimes I’m good at helping people in a tight spot. Other times, I want to (metaphorically) kill someone, and still others I’m completely random…but hey…I’m complicated!

Anyway, I hope you had/are having an excellent May the 4th!

May it’s spirit be with you…always!

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