December 8, 2023
Black Series Review: Lando Calrissian | Solo: A Star Wars Story

He’s this card player, gambler, scoundrel…you’d like him!

Let’s just say this right away, Lando Calrissian from Solo: A Star Wars Story is the king of classy and swag, so is his figure! Hasbro is staying on the right track in giving us this impressive action figure.


The worldwide marketing paraphernalia for Solo has revealed Lando with a cocky raised eyebrow, it just feels so like Lando and Hasbro have tapped into his essence and produced this figure with the raised eyebrow. I love that we’re getting a figure with a genuine facial expression rather than just the traditional neutral expression. It’s an instant classic! The digital print technology affords Lando’s facial hair a more realistic quality, it’s better than just a piece of plastic added to the face and then painted after the fact. They even made an effort to give Lando’s hair a curly effect. As for the resemblance to Donald Glover, it’s pretty great. Hasbro did a really good job there! This figure also boasts the improved neck articulation.

The Figure:

Lando has four accessories – his cape, his blaster pistol, a silencer for the blaster and his scarf. He had to have a cape, it’s Lando! It’s a like a trademark of the character! This new cape is black and on the inside it’s blue. It has been created using plastic rather than fabric and that’s actually a little disappointing. It’s not even a soft plastic, it’s rather rigid. You can him pose with the cape on but it doesn’t look as cool as if it had been a fabric cape because it doesn’t move organically with the figure. But I can understand the choice, they would have needed twice the amount of plastic as the cape doesn’t have the same color outside and inside. Speaking of poses, the figure has 18 points of articulation.

The blaster is great, it looks like the Imperial blaster pistol used by the Death Troopers in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, except this version, is silver in color. The silencer is detachable and can be added on when required and gives it an extra cool effect! It’s easy to put on and to remove. The blaster, with and without the silencer sits perfectly fine within the holster. However, it’s not necessarily easy to fit it in the holster and it’s even more difficult to remove it, you have to be careful because the blaster can easily be bent, same goes for the holster.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

Lando’s outfit is absolutely classy! I like these new colors on him – yellow and black with a little red belt. Hasbro has reproduced this outfit in an amazing way! It’s screen accurate and it has a great paint job!

Overall, this is a wonderful new figure for Lando! A must-have!


Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in cinemas on May 24th.


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