Star Trek: Discovery | Discover the Next Adventure with the New Season 2 Poster

The final frontier awaits in the teaser poster for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

Whether you liked, loved or loathed our introduction to the divisive first series of Star Trek: Discovery, one thing was undeniable…by the end of the gripping season finale we were all sat on the edge of our seats when the breath-taking image of the Starship Enterprise emerged from the dark recesses of space.

It was a moment that resonated with millions of devoted Star Trek fans and sent us into a euphoria of excited speculation about what we could expect to see in Season 2. The SDCC exclusive trailer tantalized us further with glorious images of Captain Christopher Pike assuming command of the Discovery for a mission of the utmost importance but as is so often the case…our appetite was insatiable.

However, with the festive season fast approaching, and the launch date for season 2 drawing ever closer CBS has unveiled the glorious new teaser poster which you can save to your desktop below:


The final frontier is a lot closer than you think.


Star Trek Discovery Season 2 arrives on Netflix in the new year.


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