February 6, 2023
Star Wars | Unforgettable Moments: Poe Dameron

Annlyel continues her deep-dive into the characters of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and reveals the scenes that made her an immediate fan of ace-pilot Poe Dameron

As news of the brand new characters for The Force Awakens began to grow more abundant I found myself wondering who Poe Dameron was. He was highlighted as one of the greatest pilots in the galaxy but I honestly didn’t believe that could be true. There have been a lot of people to brag that they’re great pilots but I had to see it to believe it.


It wasn’t long, however, before I found myself whooping with Poe as he flew through the sky, leading us on an exhilarating ride that made my jaw drop on a multitude of times. But what was the exact moment that made me begin to love Poe’s character? Well, that’s what this post will explore.

Star Wars | Unforgettable Moments: Poe Dameron

Poe: His Introduction

When The Force Awakens began the movie first introduces us to BB-8 and then Poe Dameron. As soon I saw him I was very interested in his character. He had a certain charisma, an undeniable charm that made him easy on the eyes and compelling to watch. I had no idea who he was other than the fact that he was, from the opening crawl, “Leia’s greatest pilot.” But that didn’t deter me from being interested in him. His brief interaction with Lor San Tekka was riveting, his clear friendship with BB-8 was very telling of his character, and his compelling bravery to fight the First Order and even expose himself against Kylo Ren was outstanding.


I also loved the humorous element he brought to the beginning of the film with his interaction with Kylo. There was something about him that felt instantly likeable in the same way that Han is just cool for no reason in particular and I can’t wait to see him back under J.J Abrams’s direction in Episode IX.

In my final part of this five-part series, I will talk about the moment that made me love BB-8 with all of my heart.


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