February 7, 2023
Book Review | Star Trek Prometheus: In The Heart Of Chaos

Carl concludes his journey beyond the final frontier aboard the starship Prometheus in Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg’s finale to their glorious Star Trek trilogy

‘Ak Seresh looked disappointed. “Can’t we stay under your protection while madness rules down there?” ‘

‘Now Kromm leaned forward. A grim smile played around the corners of his mouth. “You don’t want to be here with us, Renao. Because if your information is worth anything, we will be going immediately into glorious battle” 

Picking up where the last novel left us, the third but hopefully not final book in the Prometheus story is a triumph. The series has been building up to this point over the course of the previous two novels. Events have been happening thick and fast during the course of the story, tensions have arisen, crewmates turning on each other, prejudices have reared their ugly head, long-buried feelings have risen to the surface and one member of a crew has been self-harming themselves. Governments are at each other’s throats and the threat of an all-out war is teetering too close to becoming a reality. This closing novel has a lot to get through, to resolve and to give the story the ending it deserves. And it delivers in spades.

Star Trek Prometheus:  In The Heart Of Chaos| by Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg


When we last left the U.S.S Prometheus and its crew, it was revealed that the long destroyed U.S.S Valiant and its crew were the cause of the Son Of The Ancient Reds freedom. This madness causing entity had been contained for centuries in its prison on Iad. During an away mission to the surface of the planet, the Valiant’s crew unknowingly released it, causing the away team to kill each other and driving the orbiting ship’s crew to succumb to insanity amongst themselves, Violently attacking and killing each other and causing the ship to crash into the planet’s surface, destroyed, lost forever.


Over a hundred years later, the entity has affected the minds of the peaceful Renao race, causing the emergence of the Purifying Flame, a terrorist group determined to destroy Starfleet and its allies throughout the galaxy. Its atrocities are growing, their fleet getting ever larger and its threats are causing the Klingons to get extremely itchy trigger fingers. All patience has now been exhausted. All they want to do now is to get their revenge against the Renao and wipe them out of the galaxy forever. All that stands in their way is the U.S.S Prometheus, Captain Richard Adams and his crew. Meanwhile, somewhere in space, The Purifying Flame is planning its biggest attack ever.

Book Review | Star Trek Prometheus: In The Heart Of Chaos

Heroes come to the fore, enemies present themselves in greater numbers and there’s still a threat from within. Many will stand, many will fall and one character will come to embrace their ultimate fate.

This is a fantastic climax to the trilogy. The previous two novels have been building up to this. The excitement levels rise with every turn of the page and make the tension in some cases too much to bear. Many times I found myself saying “Come on! Hurry up or you’ll lose!”. This is again the book’s strength, again we are invested in the characters, again we find ourselves rooting for good to triumph over evil. And yet again, we read on hoping that our favourites won’t fall at the last hurdle, that they will survive to feature again in another novel. Some will but sadly others won’t. That’s what makes this such a good book and closer to the trilogy. We can cheer for these characters. We can empathise with them. Yes, classic characters have made cameo appearances throughout the three-book arc but it’s these new characters we’ve now come to know and love.

Book Review | Star Trek Prometheus: In The Heart Of Chaos

I won’t spoil how it ends but the themes that the writers have brought to us throughout the trilogy again present themselves and in many cases are thankfully resolved. But not all. Sometimes, as in life, there will always be an element that will refuse to accept what is right and dignified. That will shy away from the correct path and continue on their way to self-destruction and hate. The writers do not shy away from this fact and do so admirably.

Final Thoughts:

I have to admit that even though I’ve loved every moment the books have to offer, I’m saddened that the Prometheus story is over. I so hope that Perplies and Humberg collaborate again and continue on with the series. Please don’t let this be the end of Adams and his crew. Please allow the Prometheus to continue her mission. Please allow the books to continue to thrill readers the world over. Please don’t let this be Perplies and Humberg’s final frontier.

Until next time…

Live long and prosper.

Star Trek Prometheus: In The Heart Of Chaos by Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg is published by Titan Books and is available to buy from all good retailers NOW.


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