February 3, 2023
Marvel | Here Are Five Things We Should See In a 'Black Panther' Sequel

Annlyel explores five storylines which would make Black Panther 2 a worthy successor to an Oscar-winning Marvel masterpiece…

Black Panther was way better than I could’ve possibly expected. When I walked out of that movie theater after having watched Black Panther for the first time last February I was elated. The movie was a beautiful representation of black people in heroic (and villainous) forms, through the costumes, the music, the environments, and the story. It’s no surprise it became the first superhero film to be nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Picture. It also made history by becoming the first Marvel film to win an Oscar, leastwise three! Oscars. And it’s the ninth highest-grossing movie of all time with over $1.3 billion dollars!

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With Black Panther being such an incredible success it’s hard to imagine how the sequel could get any better but I have five ideas that could turn Black Panther into a stellar sequel.

1. The Return of White Wolf

In the comics, King T’Challa and his sister Shuri had an adopted brother who was raised alongside them and eventually adopted the mantle of White Wolf. In the final end-credits scene in Black Panther, we see that Bucky Barnes is now living in peace in Wakanda and that the children call him White Wolf. This is definitely not a coincidence.

I remember reading somewhere a while back that Sebastian Stan had signed onto a nine! movie contract with Marvel and he has only been in five movies so far. (And that’s not potentially counting Avengers: Endgame.) That means it’s very possible we could see him fighting alongside his new Wakandan family donning the very impressive White Wolf suit. If that happens I’m going to be ecstatic.

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2. More From the River Tribe

What makes Wakanda such a fascinating place is its rich history and vibrant culture. Wakanda is made up of five tribes; the Mining Tribe, the Border Tribe, the River Tribe, the Merchant Tribe, and the Jabari Tribe. We have seen the Jabari’s home in the mountains but I would really love to see more from where Nakia grew up.

Ever since I’ve seen the beautiful green clothing her tribe wear and the unique individuals who wear the plates in their lips I have been fascinated by her tribe. I think it would be great to incorporate more of the River tribe in the sequel.Marvel | Five Things We Should See In a 'Black Panther' Sequel

3. Introduction of the Atlanteans?

In the animated series Avengers Assemble: Black Panther’s Quest the Atlanteans played a big role, acting as a somewhat neutral opposition to the Wakandans. With Kevin Feige revealing in a recently deleted tweet that Atlantean hero Namor may appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sooner rather than later Black Panther 2 could be an amazing avenue into bringing this character into the bigger picture.

Plus, the Atlanteans are REALLY cool.

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4. The Storm Is Coming

With Disney on the verge of absorbing 20th Century Fox the X-Men‘s inclusion in the MCU is imminent. That means we will see characters like Storm rather than later and what wouldn’t be greater than for Storm to make her MCU debut in Black Panther 2?

She could help King T’Challa fight an incredibly dangerous foe, whoever that may be, and the internet will explode with her awesomeness. It would also be a very smart move because it would continue the theme of the Black Panther movies featuring powerful female characters and that’s an awesome thought in itself.

Marvel | Here Are Five Things We Should See In a 'Black Panther' Sequel

5. Erik Killmonger Returns

Black Panther was already a good film but Killmonger was the soul of that film. He made the movie as emotionally compelling as it turned out to be and to be honest, the story won’t be the same without him. I would absolutely love to see Killmonger return in Black Panther 2 as an ally of T’Challa.

Not only would that be emotionally impactful for the film but it will be a great development for his story as well.

Marvel | Here Are Five Things We Should See In a 'Black Panther' Sequel

So, these are the five things that I think could turn Black Panther 2 into a sequel that actually manages to be better (way better, in my opinion) than its predecessor.

If any of these things happen (preferably the debut of Storm or White Wolf) everyone’s new saying will be, “Wakanda Forever…and Ever!.”


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