September 22, 2023
Avengers Endgame | Our Verdict

Our team of Force Users delivers our verdict on Marvel’s mega-blockbuster

After what has felt like an eternity Marvel Studios’ Avengers Endgame is now playing in cinemas across the world and taking fans young and old on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Together, we laughed, we cried, we leaped into the air in triumph and sank deep into the depths of despair as Thanos returned to finish what he started back in Avengers Infinity War.
Avengers Endgame - Our Verdict

The movie was billed as the ultimate culmination of the entire first phase of Marvel movies and it did not disappoint. A point reflected by the astounding, awe-inspiring, and well-deserved box office return of over $1.2 Billion dollars in its first weekend. The Russo Brothers’ masterpiece is the first motion picture EVER to reach £1 billion in its first weekend and caps off a stellar series of movies that began with the original Iron Man way back in 2008.

The film received praise for its direction, acting, entertainment value, and emotional weight, with critics lauding its culmination of the 22-film story and currently has a 96% approval rating based on 393 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. But, what did our team of Force Users think? Join us as we share our reactions to this phenomenal movie but be warned SPOILERS AWAIT YOU BEYOND THIS POINT…

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“Absolutely Breath-taking” | By Thomas Storai

Avengers Endgame is the end of an era, a gripping conclusion filled with the most unexpected surprises. This movie is absolutely breath-taking on every level, simply mind-blowing. I would say it’s The Return of the King of the MCU if you remember the ride of the Rohirrim scene and how epic it was, Avengers topped that level of epicness, that’s how good it is! This deserves to win many Oscars just like Return of the King. This is the most ambitious film in the history of cinema without any doubt and it has the biggest cast ever! 11 years, 22 movies, Endgame concludes this saga in the best way possible – with tears, laughs, cheers, and so many surprises. Every character gets their moment and if you’re a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow like me, you’ll be more than happy. Among this HUGE cast, there’s another actor I’d like to mention – Robert Downey Jr., after all these years playing Iron Man, I think it’s time he gets an award for this, he’s a real star.

Stark and Ant-Man

“Avengers Endgame Will Never Be Bettered” | By Carl Roberts

I never thought it was possible. I never thought I’d actually say the words. But, Avengers: Endgame actually IS the perfect comic book movie. What can I say about it? It’s everything a comic book fan could ever dream about having in a movie and then some. It may be the culmination of eleven years and 22 movies but it’s so much more than that. It’s a rollercoaster ride pretending to be a film. It’s a ringer designed to drain every possible emotion from you. Over the course of its three-hour run time, I laughed my head off, I cheered my lungs out and I cried my eyes out. Never before have I ever come up against such an entertaining, thrilling, enjoyable movie that also tore my heart out and ripped it to shreds. A film that made me cry with laughter and with genuine sadness at the same time. Kudos has to go to every member of the cast and crew, from the directors, producers, writers, stars, etc right down to the person who makes the coffee on set. You can’t leave anyone out from the praise the film so richly deserves.

I predicted the film could be the one that broke the $1billion worldwide takings in a single weekend and it looks like I was bang on the money. And it deserves it. It really is that good. It’s an experience that I doubt we will see again. Where does the Marvel Universe go from here? To my mind, stick to stand-alone films or one-offs. Please don’t attempt to recreate the magic they’ve managed to pull off here. It’s doomed to failure. For Avengers: Endgame will never be bettered. Like its title itself, it truly SHOULD be the Avengers endgame.

Avengers Endgame - Our Verdict

“The Perfect Conclusion to The Infinity Saga” | By Annlyel James

Avengers: Infinity War. It was the film that left me stunned and anxiously awaiting the day when I could see what could happen next in Avengers: Endgame. I was so excited for Endgame that I even stayed away from spoilers with all my ability. When I finally watched it, I was utterly thrilled.

Endgame isn’t like most superhero movies. Superhero films usually rely on fancy action scenes to save the day and entice the viewer. Endgame didn’t have to. It used the dialogue and interactions between the characters in an emotionally impactful way that was the perfect conclusion to these heroes’ story arcs.

This movie made me laugh, it made me smile, it made me gasp, and it made me cry oh so, so much. When a film can entice me to cry my eyes out, I know something has gone very, very right story-wise. Infinity War may have been Thanos’ movie but Endgame was strictly about The Avengers; highlighting their understandable weaknesses and inspiring triumphs. Was it a perfect film? No, but it was the perfect conclusion to the Infinity Saga.

And with the movie ending with so many implications for the future–like Thor joining the Guardians of the Galaxy or Sam Wilson becoming Captain America–I can look forward to the future with an even larger smile on my face.

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“A Love Letter to Marvel Fans” | By Lauren Romo

To say Endgame was on my must-watch list would be a complete and utter understatement. After Infinity War, this highly anticipated sequel was on my must-watch list for 2019. All the hype, all the records being broken, Endgame delivers in the most marvelous ways. The callbacks and references that were woven into the movie were beyond brilliant. From ‘I am Iron Man’ to ‘On your left’, the Russo brothers went deep in the archives of past movies and tied it all together for an epic conclusion. Going back and revisiting past events, and getting new perspectives on them, was an exceptionally clever move by the writers and directors. Even when Happy asks Tony’s daughter what she wanted to eat during the funeral and her answer being cheeseburger was just a topnotch tip of the cap to the first movie Iron Man. I’ve seen it three times already and each time I find something different every time. Even the moments that I knew were coming still gave me chills! This movie is almost a love letter to us Marvel fans. We’ve invested ten plus years and 22 movies with these characters. The Russo brothers made it all worth it with Endgame!

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“The Greatest Movie of All Time” | By Liam Bailey

Endgame was incredible from start to finish; the story was so complex and provided an iconic end to the stories of the original six Avengers as well as setting up for the future. For me personally, I believe that this is now the greatest movie of all time, period. Prepare for your mind to be blown!

Avengers Endgame - Our Verdict

“Endgame Was the Perfect Ending to the Series” | By Katelyn Mathis

Endgame was the perfect ending to one of the best series our generation has ever seen. The first Iron Man movie in 2008 was a shot in the dark. Marvel didn’t know if they could pull it off. I’m sure everyone is glad they took the risk. Endgame showed the best in our characters and brought closure to many of them. There are too many moments to pick just one to say was the best. I certainly have my favorites, but most of all, I applaud Marvel for doing what was expected. We all knew what had to happen when we sat down with our popcorn. We just didn’t know how we would get there. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and do something totally crazy, they just made it the best dang wheel to ever roll.

Avengers Endgame - Our Verdict

“There is No Topping It” | By Megan Rickards

Wow, as I type this it’s Monday morning and my first thought upon waking was actually about this fantastic movie. With the opening weekend over, where does this franchise go from here? Sure, we still have the stand-alone movies like the Black Widow movie and Spider-Man: Far From Home along with all the Disney+ stuff, but considering how this movie ended, there is no topping it. Thinking back now, I kind of wish Marvel had held off on this until after Spider-Man, but it is what it is. That is unless Far From Home takes place after Endgame and serves as Peter’s first outing as Spider-Man post-Tony.

Anyway, this is a fantastic movie that I could see a million and one times and still not be bored with it. There’s just so much incredible stuff going on. Combine that with the score I’m listening to while typing this…..While I used to be a huge Star Wars nerd, this movie changed that for me. Avengers Endgame is now my favorite movie. For those who have already seen it, do I really need to say anything more than “that climax and that ending”? Likely not, but I will anyway.

Due to the animated crowd, I saw it with and my own reaction, I basically stumbled out of the theater in a bittersweet daze attempting to process everything I had just seen. As much as I enjoy popcorn during a movie, there were honestly points where my hand froze in the bucket due to what I was witnessing. Suffice it to say, if you haven’t already seen this movie, other than missing out on a cinematic masterpiece what are you doing? Go see it! For those who have already seen it, go it as many times as you can in order to soak up its awesomeness!

Avengers Endgame - Our Verdict

“Endgame is a Movie That Will Stay with You Forever” | By Phil Roberts

Wow. Just wow. Seldom do I find a movie with the gravitas to knock me for six, but Avengers Endgame is the exception to the rule. Hell, we may as well throw the rule book out of the window for this one! It has been my privilege to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe unfold over the past eleven years. Together, we have been through highs and lows, disappointment and delight, and even joy and disbelief. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had it all and Endgame is the perfect overture to this series.

Yes, the movie rips your heart out and drags you to the depths of despair but through the courage and conviction of our beloved heroes, we rally and cheer with glee as the Avengers assemble for their last ride. I defy anyone who doesn’t cheer when Captain America wields Thor’s mighty hammer, I challenge anyone who doesn’t shed a tear for our beloved Tony Stark when sacrifices himself to save the entire galaxy, and I rebel against anyone who flouts the perfect conclusion for Steve Rogers when he returns to the embrace of his beloved Peggy Carter.

The emotional gravity of this movie can never be understated. It will have you cheering with glee, balling your eyes out in sadness, fill you with a sense of dread and leave you laughing uncontrollably…all in the same movie. Endgame is a movie that will stay with you forever. It is these elements that culminate at the end of a very long and fulfilling journey, and as we say goodbye to our heroes all we are left with is an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Thank you to every single member of the cast and crew for taking us on this amazing journey. You have made us dream. You have made us believe. You have made the journey unforgettable.

One last time. Whatever it takes. Avengers…Assemble!


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Avengers Endgame has certainly appeased the fans and there have been some fantastic opinions from our team. Whether you are a casual fan or an unparalleled Marvel aficionado, we should all be filling auditoriums around the world to ensure that Endgame continues to reap the rewards it truly deserves.

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  1. Endgame may have been the only movie where I woke up the next day and said: “Crap. That happened?”

    It was a great story. Never even felt like 3 hours long. I’m glad it’s getting all the attention it deserves.

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