December 6, 2022
Five Choices I Would Love to See for the Unknown 'Star Wars' Disney+ Series

Annlyel investigates which icons of the Star Wars universe could potentially be in line for their own Disney+ series

Disney+ is trying to steal the show with their subscription service set to come out this Fall, giving its viewers plenty of Disney entertainment to enjoy, including plenty of original series for the whole family to enjoy.

Speaking of original series, Star Wars fans will have plenty of entertainment to satiate our appetites for years to come with The Clone Wars‘ final season, The Mandalorian, the Cassian Andor series, and now it’s been announced that we will be getting another original series.

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Yes! While we wait for The Rise of Skywalker and the mysterious trilogy produced by Game of Thrones‘ D.B. Weiss and David Benioff we can be preoccupied with plenty of well-made series that’ll have our happy buttons constantly pressed. But what is the newest original Star Wars series going to focus on? I’m here to share with you five characters that I would love to see another series highlight?

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1. An Obi-Wan Kenobi Series

This is clearly one of the easiest choices for another original series, for Star Wars fans have been pining for an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie since it was announced that there would be Star Wars standalone films. Especially considering that Ewan McGregor still looks great, making a series focusing on his years between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope very easy to achieve.

Plus, a series focusing on that portion of his story could be so much fun to watch for so many reasons. We could get some action with the Tusken Raiders, a potential starring role by Liam Neeson as Force Ghost Qui-Gon, maybe a few cameos by baby Luke Skywalker, and who knows what else. All in all, this is the series I’m hoping is officially announced.


2. An Original Series featuring a Sith

While we are getting one series with a character we already know from previous movies; Cassian Andor, The Mandalorian is a series featuring brand new characters with brand new stories. If Disney really wants to give us something we haven’t seen before in the franchise then why not highlight a story of a Sith? With this series, the timeline could be placed anywhere, from before The Phantom Menace to the years before The Force Awakens. Whatever the case, this could be a very interesting series.

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3. A Mara Jade Series

Mara Jade has one of the coolest storylines in the EU (Extended Universe) as she went from being Palpatine’s trusted assassin to becoming Luke Skywalker’s wife/protagonist. Of course, in this version of her story, she probably would never have the infamous romance with Luke but we could see her story play out much in the same way as it did in the EU. We could see her as an agent of the dark side, hunting down rogue Jedi and rebel operatives, and all of this would lead to a fascinating tale of redemption.

Not only would this story be very fun to watch but it would once again highlight another delightfully complex heroine. 👍

Five Choices I Would Love to See for the Unknown 'Star Wars' Disney+ Series

4. A Young Leia Series

Leia is one of the most iconic heroines in cinema history. Her story has been fleshed out extensively through movies, books, tv shows, and even games but we can always get more story with her. And I know exactly who could play her. Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. She’s the perfect candidate for the role and she has already expressed her enthusiasm for potentially portraying the iconic character, making this a match made in heaven.

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5. A Qi’ra Series

If there’s anyone who needs more story told it would be Qi’ra. At the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story she killed Dryden Vos, becoming a leader in Crimson Dawn. Her story had just begun but unfortunately, the movie was over before we could find out what happened to her. This series could highlight Qi’ra’s evolution as a leader of Crimson Dawn, some potential appearances by Darth Maul and even Enfys Nest as the antagonist/protagonist in the series. This story could lead to the inevitable crime syndicate war that was hinted at in Solo which could be really fun to see in a second or third season of the series.


All in all, just to know that there will be a new series is fascinating in itself and I can’t wait to share with you all my thoughts on that eventual third series.


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