September 27, 2023
The Best Moment | Spider-Man Homecoming

Annlyel continues her series focussing on the best moment from every instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuing with our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Homecoming would be only the second Spider-Man film that I had ever watched (the first being The Amazing Spider-Man 2.) I was skeptical. As a girl growing up I liked superheroes but I wasn’t a Spider-Man fan. Tom Holland’s debut as the web-slinging hero in Captain America: Civil War was refreshing but I wasn’t sure if he could carry a whole movie on his own. He did and I was more than impressed.

With a fun storyline, engaging co-stars, and an interesting villain Spider-Man: Homecoming quickly became one of the best films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie has plenty of fun scenes that manage to bring a smile to my face but the single best moment in the film is in fact, like Doctor Strange, the very end.


The last ten minutes of Spider-Man: Homecoming is obviously the greatest section of the movie as Vulture is defeated and Peter Parker is given the chance to become an Avenger. The sheer joy and awe at stepping foot inside the Avengers facility are so infectious that I can’t help but love this scene. But what makes Peter such a great hero is that instead of taking the mantle as the next Avenger he decides to remain on the humble streets of Queens to help out those who need him most; his fellow New Yorkers.

The Best Moment | Spider-Man Homecoming

When he returns home he finds that Tony Stark has given back to him the Spider-Man suit that was taken away from him and he can’t believe it. With Michael Giacchino’s score reaching a chill-inducing crescendo he turns around, soaking in the fact that he’s back acquainted with the suit, and as the camera focuses on his face we see in the blurry background Aunt May watching everything.

The Discovery (Spider-Man Homecoming)

As she is just about to drop the F-bomb the movie turns off and it honestly is one of the best movie conclusions that I have ever seen. It leaves me smiling every time I see it and is definitely the best moment in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Yes, Thor: Ragnarok is next. This is going to be fun.


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