December 4, 2023
Black Series Archive Review| Yoda (Empire Strikes Back)

Thomas returns to Dagobah for his Jedi training with Hasbro’s Master Yoda reissue

First released in 2014, Yoda was impossible to find at a decent price after its original release, it became quite a rare figure! Fortunately, with the Black Series Archives line, fans and collectors can rejoice Yoda is coming back on the shelves and it’s an improved figure!

Just like the previous Archives wave, Hasbro has used the digital print tech on the faces so this Yoda looks a lot better than the original one! It’s really good! In terms of skin color, it’s the skin tone from The Last Jedi rather than The Empire Strikes Back, personally, I’m totally happy with it.

Black Series Archives Yoda (Empire Strikes Back) Review

This figure comes with a cane, a snake and something that shouldn’t be with this Yoda – a lightsaber. He doesn’t have one anymore during the Empire era but hopefully, they will do a Prequel era Yoda, that would be much needed!

Black Series Archives Yoda (Empire Strikes Back) Review

Yoda has 12 points of articulation, there is no knees POA so it limits the poses.

For the outfit, the vest is in fabric, it works well on this figure. However, under the vest, it’s the Prequels era outfit (the pants) while his Empire era outfit is a robe. The necklace is painted all in black while it should actually be dark brown. In terms of screen accuracy, it’s not there, you have a mix of different incarnations of the character rather than one specific Yoda.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

Definitely not a screen accurate figure but it’s nice to be able to get Yoda in the Black Series line again!


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