S.H. Figuarts Review | Spider-Man Home Made Suit Ver. (EUROPE) (Spider-Man Homecoming)

Thomas swings into action to review the awesome Spider-Man Home Made Suit action figure from Tamashii Nations

In Japan, S.H. Figuarts released Spider-Man in his homemade suit along with Iron Man in a 2-pack for the release of Spider-Man Homecoming. However, in Europe, they released that figure with an “option act wall” instead and I think it’s a great idea to have a small diorama released with a figure! The normal Spider-Man ver. was also released in Europe with the same wall and if you have the two you can combine the two walls for an even bigger diorama!

This figure comes with 12 interchangeable hands (that’s a lot for S.H. Figuarts standards!), two interchangeable hoods, 3 web effects, a Spider-Man signal to attach on the wall), a wall with moving parts. You can have the wall anyway you want it with the moving parts, if you want a small wall, a corner wall, a big wall, it’s how you want it, almost like Playmobil but with fewer pieces.

FOTF S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Homemade Suit (Spider-Man Homecoming) Review

The homemade suit has been reproduced faithfully, it’s quite a simple one. The figure has a hole in the back if you want to have the figure do some swinging poses on the wall. If you don’t want to see the hole in the back, there’s a piece included to put there. For the hoods, the hood on is simply put on the head while the hood off is attached through a little hole in the back and that one tends to fall off too easily. They used a different texture for the plastic as the normal Spider-Man ver. to recreate the style of the homemade suit.

FOTF S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Homemade Suit (Spider-Man Homecoming) Review

The figure has 26 points of articulation.

For the webs, you have to remove the hand, place the web and then put back the hand, it’s very easy. There’s one web effect though that can’t be attached and has to be held by the hand.


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Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Spider-Man homemade suit is a great figure with some awesome accessories including a diorama wall!


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