February 3, 2023
The Great Debate | Will Rian Johnson's Trilogy Help or Hurt the Star Wars Franchise?

Annlyel explores the direction of Rian Johnson’s proposed new Star Wars trilogy

It’s a momentous time to be a Star Wars fan. With so many shows, live-action and animated, to look forward to as well as The Rise of Skywalker and the new trilogy that’s rumored to focus on The Old Republic starting in 2022. And while all of this is going on Rian Johnson is currently working on his own trilogy which will arrive sometime in the next decade. It’s bonkers just thinking about all of this Star Wars entertainment that we can look forward to.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (Trailer)

In a recent interview, Rian Johnson announced that he is moving this trilogy away from the norm, featuring new characters, new stories, and just something new. Of course, as of now, we can only speculate what this trilogy could be but I’m hoping it’s different in the regard that it focuses on a hero’s descent to darkness. Think about how fantastic this storyline could be.

In The Last Jedi, it became very clear that Rian Johnson’s favorite character to work with was Kylo Ren, considering that Kylo Ren was the only character that had any real character development. It’s safe to say that all Star Wars fans would agree that Kylo was the only character in the film that wasn’t marred by Rian Johnson’s “different” approach to storytelling.

001 Rian 3

Considering Johnson’s track record, a trilogy about a complex main character whose star falls from glory as he falls to the dark side could be very, very interesting indeed. There would be plenty of drama, plenty of suspense, and by the trilogy’s finale, like Revenge of the Sith, the story can finally delve all into this character’s ascension as an agent of the dark side.

Come on, Rian Johnson. You want to give us something new? Something exciting? Give us the story of a fallen Jedi! I’ll pay plenty of folding money for that.


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