October 1, 2022

Our dedicated team of Force users share our reactions to the final trailer from J.J Abrams’ climax to the Skywalker saga

The final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker debuted on Monday night and instantly sent the world into delirium. Fans young and old watched in awe as images of Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren battling atop the wreckage of the Empire’s dreaded Death Star filled the screen accompanied by the timeless words “The Force will be with you…always” spoken by Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa respectively. The trailer was powerful, intense and suitably gripping and served to increase fan expectations tenfold. But what did our team of Force Users think? Did the trailer knock our socks off, or were we consumed by the dark side? Join us as we share our reactions to this phenomenal trailer:

“I Am Ready!” | By Kat Schultz

The end has come, and I am ready. There are few things as beautiful as an ending done well. It’s part of the journey, remember? I’ve become jaded by both the toxic corner of the community of fans and by the empty promises and differing values of those in charge of the content. This final trailer makes me think they might be trying to cram too much into the final Skywalker installment. So many locations, so many characters, can they really do them all justice? I’m curious to see how it all ends, regardless. The trailer showcases many gorgeous locales that I can’t wait to see on the big screen. And that one word from my hero, Carrie Fisher, opened up the wound of her loss all over again in the best way. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that come December 20th, I’ll be crying.


“I Was in Tears!” | By Thomas Storai

It’s the final trailer for the final movie of the Skywalker saga, of course, it had to be super emotional. Watching it I was in tears, it’s so beautiful and I think we’re not ready for what looks to be an epic conclusion! The Millennium Falcon showing up with a huge Resistance fleet has to be one of my favorite shots, especially since there are so many Easter eggs there – The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels and so many ships from different eras, it’s all coming together! I think J.J. Abrams has surpassed himself in more ways than we could ever imagine! Speaking of Easter eggs, you can also spot a battle droid in a shot behind C-3PO and that had my heart melting! All these little references are important. Visually this trailer was absolutely stunning, and they were very careful not to show us Palpatine’s face, it keeps some mystery and I love this! I Can’t wait for December, that’s sure! The story lives forever.


“I Am Really Afraid of How This Journey Will End” | By Patty Hammond

I am not even sure where to start on my reaction to this trailer.  I still have many, many questions and there is so much to see and analyze. However, one thing that stands out the most to me is Rey.  She looks fierce, but vulnerable, throughout the trailer.  Especially when she is confronting Kylo Ren and Palpatine.  I get a real sense that we are not only seeing the end of the Skywalker Saga but Rey’s journey as well. I am really afraid of how this journey of hers will end…


“A Heart-Warming Sense of Hope” | By Annlyel James

The Rise of Skywalker brings about the end of an era. After this film ends, we will have to say goodbye to some of our favorite characters…forever? Honestly, I don’t believe so. Return of the Jedi was the end. Then sixteen years later The Phantom Menace arrived. Then Revenge of the Sith was supposedly the last Star Wars movie we would ever see and then boom, here comes The Force Awakens ten years later. So, do I believe this is the definitive end? No, I don’t. As long as there are fans of this franchise who want to see this story continue there will never be an absolute end. But there is a sense of emotional stakes and responsibility that rests higher with this film than many of the other movies that have come before it and you can feel it in this trailer.

Gone is the overt seriousness replaced with a heart-warming sense of hope that pervades the trailer in an utterly tear-inducing fashion. Is this my favorite Star Wars trailer of all time? No. That honor still rests with The Force Awakens. But I will say this, it didn’t show us Palpatine and that is all I could’ve asked for.


“My Excitement Levels Have Dipped” | By Carl Roberts

Ok. Here’s the thing. Do I think the trailer is brilliant? Yes, I do. Does it stir up the emotions? Yes, it does. Was I completely blown away by it? Not in the slightest. I’m sorry but even though I found a lot to enjoy in the trailer, I was underwhelmed by it. Yes, the C-3PO part was heart-breaking, yes it was fun to watch and dissect the trailer frame by frame, but it didn’t blow my socks off. To be honest, the reveal of The Ghost from the Rebels TV show in the teaser for the full trailer was the highlight of the entire thing. That’s not to say the trailer is terrible, it’s not. It’s the final trailer for arguably the greatest saga of all time. Spotting a battle droid behind Threepio, seeing The Emperors throne as Ralph McQuarrie designed it years ago, the remains of A Death Star and the rise of the classic Star Destroyers from beneath the waves, the Falcon and the Ghost flying in tandem together, seeing our beloved princess again and hearing Palpatine and Luke’s voices build the excitement and with the score in the background bring the trailer to a great crescendo. A nice nod to the past with just enough of the current to offset it.


But with all this visual feast going on, the emotion of what we will see in December, the knowledge that what I was obsessed with as a child growing up is about to pass into movie history, I found the trailer to be empty, underwhelming and a let-down. Seeing Rey and Kylo having a lightsaber battle in one moment and then fighting alongside each other the next kind of reminds me of midway through The Last Jedi. We’ve already seen it. Yes, Luke and Vader fought twice in Empire and Jedi, but the difference was glaring. In Empire, it was novice against trained fallen Jedi. In Jedi, it was father against son, now both aware of the truth, one determined to save the soul of the other and bring him back to the light, the other protecting his master, not realising he was re-treading the same path from his youth. Here in the trailer sadly, I just got the feeling it was a retread, one that needs to happen but is something we have already seen. I’m still excited to see the film but somehow, my excitement levels have dipped with this underwhelming trailer. And that is the biggest surprise of all.


“Packed to the Brim with Juicy Content” | By Liam Bailey

Let me start by saying I dread to think how many times I’ll be seeing The Rise of Skywalker when it hits the big screen in December. The final trailer has made me more excited than I have ever been for any film in my life; it was packed to the rim with juicy content. There were some jaw-dropping moments throughout the trailer, like seeing a Star Destroyer rise from the sea, Rey and Kylo Ren teaming up once again, a huge Resistance fleet preparing for battle and a brief glimpse of the return of Darth Sidious , but the stand out to me was C-3PO’s scene where he mentions that he is taking one last look at his friends; this scene tugged at my heartstrings and has left me wondering what the fate of these beloved characters will be as the film draws to a close.

The Rise of Skywalker looks set to be a huge spectacle that will give this saga the triumphant end it deserves.


“It Will Be Sad to See the Series End” | By Katelyn Mathis

After 40 years, we are finally in the home stretch. The Skywalker saga is coming to an end.  3PO’s line was perfect. We get to take one last look at our friends. The most immediate thing I noticed in the trailer was The Ghost. It could be Hera, but we could also be looking at an adult Jacen! I would keep my eyes peeled for a cameo from him in the film.  The trailer does a good job of conveying a sense of finality. We will see Palpatine and the Death Star, bringing in the OT and PT. We have been promised a cohesive ending to the saga, and that is exactly what I expect. No matter how you feel about the movies, it will be sad to see the series end. If nothing else, enjoy this last film for what it is; the last.


“I Got Chills!” | By Megan Rickards

Seeing this final trailer was fun. While I normally see trailers at home alone, as sadly no one else in my real life is as into Star Wars as I am, for this one, I purposefully timed my workout, so I was at the gym when it came on. While no one else there seemed to react, I sure as heck did. Between that ice planet, Kylo walking towards who is likely Rey in the rain, Threepio’s line and Leia ending the famous phrase…oh there was too much good stuff in this one. The number of times I got chills, not from dried sweat and the cold air blowing through the gym…I’m actually getting slight chills just typing this. This is over forty years in the making and considering the characters that are being brought back and the Easter eggs hidden in this trailer. Was that the Ghost and the Colossus and will we see even a passing glimpse at any of their crew? Only time will tell. I certainly can’t wait until then!


“Finally, At Long Last!” | By Max Nocerino

Finally, at long last! The trailer was here!!! Braving the brutal CTE inducing Monday night football, I called my father into my room when the trailer came on and we sat and absorbed everything. The trailer was good in the fact that not much we didn’t know was revealed. Hearing Ian McDiarmid talk in a semi-long monologue was AWESOME and the biggest surprise was definitely C-3PO telling his friends goodbye. What does that mean? Do they need to harvest his verbrobrain for important information and wipe away his memory or personality again? Is he a tracking device that needs to be disabled? It’s crazy how this is what I want to know the most. I actually preferred the original C-3PO. Yes, I know this sounds odd, but the new movies have his speech a little too robotic and the Original trilogy had a more organic sound. However, that’s nit-picking. Anyways, the trailer was definitely long-awaited, and I am very excited to see how they wrap up the galaxy’s most captivating story of all time.


“It’s Going Out on a Bang!” | By Melissa Villy

The Saga is coming to an end, or at least the Skywalker’s story is. The trailer really doesn’t give much away, which I assume is on purpose. However, that massive fleet of ships looks awesome! We see so many ships it’s hard to even pick any out, but I did spot the Ghost, which has me super excited to see who’s on board and who else has heard the call to arms. Then there were the Y-Wing and B-Wings back in action, Finn and others riding into battle, epic lightsaber duels, and the Emperor’s voice! I especially loved the touch of having both Luke and Leia say the iconic “The Force will be with you…Always”. While the sequel trilogy as a whole remains my least favorite of the Disney era films, I’m excited to see how the Skywalker Saga will play out and end. One thing is for sure, it looks like it’s going out on a bang.


“A Satisfying End to a Saga That has Inspired Millions” | By Darcie Gray

The final trailer is here, and I like most British Star Wars fans stayed up till nearly 3 am to watch it! I admit my tired brain was underwhelmed; I enjoyed the trailer it just didn’t make me feel anything. However, I watched it for the second time in the morning and I loved it! The third watch almost had me in tears! The trailer itself takes you through a variety of emotions, from intrigue to sadness, then triumph, before sadness again because the saga is coming to an end. The trailer like the one before it makes it obvious that we are nearing the final conclusion and I’m not ready for it to end – I don’t even have a picture in my head of how I want this film to end (which is really rare).


Rey is clearly shown training again since she missed out on training in The Last Jedi it is essential that we see her learning the ways of the Jedi. I’m most interested in the fight between Rey and Kylo because at one point it looks like Kylo is about to surrender plus the clip plays out whilst Kylo says that he knows who Rey is, which instantly catches my attention! Also, I’m certain there will be some more Rey/Kylo chemistry as this trailer sets up multiple shots of them together. Plus, their team up shot is everything I’ve ever wanted, I certainly hope they sort out their differences to become an awesome partnership. But at the same time, I do like evil Sith Kylo Ren, so anything is possible. We also get our first glimpse of a Sith throne which is totally awesome, give me Darth Sidious now!! The amount of ships Darth Sidious has is unsurprising considering he always had loads (anyone remember episode 3?). It also looks like Leia’s distress call reached the rest of the galaxy; we are likely looking at a crazy space battle which has me thrilled.

I cannot even discuss C-3P0 right now because his lines make me super emotional. And to end on a happy crying Rey and Leia saying ‘Always’ is just heartbreaking and perfect. If I was to describe this trailer in one word, I’d call it ‘EPIC’. I cannot wait to see what The Rise of Skywalker has in store for us – I certainly hope we get some Anakin/Vader. This trailer and the ones before it fills me with hope, we might just get a satisfying end to a saga that has inspired millions myself included.


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The final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker has certainly stimulated some much-needed positivity from the Star Wars community and our team is no different. We are all beside ourselves with excitement for J.J Abrams’ finale to the Skywalker saga and December cannot come quickly enough.


What did you think of the new trailer? Drop us a line and share your thoughts with us.


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