September 25, 2022
Barbara Gordon/Oracle Reportedly Joining The ‘Titans’ for Season 3

A new report suggests that Barbara Gordon will be joining the cast of Titans in Season 3

Just days after Titans Season 2 finally made its long-awaited debut on Netflix, a new report has surfaced which suggests that Barbara Gordon aka Oracle is set to join the cast for season 3.

Titans Season Two Nightwing Versus Deathstroke

The new report from Discussing Film, suggests that production on a third season has been given the green light and is charging ahead at full-steam towards a projected production date of March 30th. In recent days, we’ve heard rumblings that suggest Roy Harper/Arsenal and Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad will be joining the cast, and now we can add Barbara Gordon to the list.  However, those of you hoping for her to suit up as Batgirl are set to be disappointed. This incarnation of the character will be the wheelchair-bound Oracle “alter ego” and will also serve as the current GCPD commissioner due to her father, James Gordon, having passed away.

Titans Netflix Poster

This is exciting news. The idea of Dick Grayson sharing “Batcave” campfire stories with Barbara Gordon is an enticing prospect, especially after Bruce Wayne’s involvement in the events of season 2 which had many of us gripped to our seats.

Sadly, there is no word on when we can expect Titans Season 3 to premiere, neither is there any confirmation on whether DC Universe is EVER going to reach UK shores, so until then we can all resign ourselves to binge-watching the series on Netflix.


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Source: Discussing Film


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