Could Darth Plagueis Be the Phantom Menace of The High Republic Story?

Is Darth Plagueis the perfect choice for The High Republic‘s new villain? Annlyel investigates

Project Luminous was highly-anticipated among Star Wars fans and now that the product of that reveal is upon us I’m a tad conflicted. I love the Jedi and it’ll be nice learning about another era of these Force-driven warriors of the Light but their foe, the Nihil, seems pretty tame in comparison to the wicked and cunning Sith I’ve grown so used to knowing in the last two decades of my life. And yet…what if the big bad of this story is a Sith after all?

Star Wars The High Republic - Featured

One such motto that is being connected with these stories is, “Into this glorious new era something wicked this way comes.” That doesn’t sound like a simple Nihil overlord. That sounds like the dark side, and with the dark side come the Sith.

I get it. The Sith will not have a major presence in this story, considering that Darth Maul‘s appearance in The Phantom Menace was met with such shock by the Jedi who hadn’t seen apparently hadn’t seen a Sith in hundreds of years. And yet, despite knowing this, somewhere in the galaxy Darth Plagueis roamed, learning how to convert the very midichlorians to create life and literally preventing himself from dying.

Darth Plagueis

His darkness eventually attracted the likes of Sheev Palpatine, a young man from Naboo who would go on to become the wickedest and most cunning Sith of all time, Darth Sidious. And think about. Darth Plagueis surely had a master of his own once, meaning the Sith have been lying in wait for a very long time for their moment to strike.


Could these secret Sith permeate this new story Lucasfilm is trying to tell and could we finally see Darth Plagueis finally brought to the forefront of a potential Star Wars trilogy? The possibilities are endless and I’m sure there’s only a matter of time before we get to see the true brilliance of this new era of storytelling come to life.


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