Sam Worthington To Star In 'Alphas' A White Shark vs Killer Whale Thriller

A coastal community terrorised by a school of sharks unleashes a man-eating killer whale in the ultimate Alpha Predator face-off!

I love a creature feature. Whether it’s the all-time classics from the great Ray Harryhausen, or a farfetched b-movie featuring genetically modified monsters – I’m all over it, especially when there are sharks involved!

As a kid, I sat transfixed on the screen as Steven Spielberg’s Jaws literally BLEW. MY. MIND and triggered a lifelong fascination with sharks. So, imagine my reaction when I heard about ‘Alphas‘. The movie is set to be helmed by ‘Final Destination 5′ director Steven Quale and will feature the ultimate face-off between two of the oceans most feared predators – The Great White Shark and the Orca Killer Whale.

Sam Worthington To Star In 'Alphas' A White Shark vs Killer Whale Thriller

For months, we have been waiting for an update on the project, and finally, we have some positive news – Sam Worthington (Avatar) has signed on to star in the movie, and filming is scheduled to begin in Puerto Rico this summer.

Hannah and Christopher Tuffin have created the story for Alphas, and Frank Hannah has written the screenplay which is said to feature: “a coastal community terrorised by a school of sharks. The townspeople decide the only way to deal with the man-eating threat is to unleash a damaged killer whale held for years in solitary confinement after it killed its trainer.”

Sam Worthington To Star In 'Alphas' A White Shark vs Killer Whale Thriller

Sam Worthington, who is no stranger to creature features following his role in low-budget crocodile romp ‘Rogue‘ is said to be portraying: “an environmentalist who must convince the owner of a killer whale sanctuary to unleash the orca that nearly killed her in an attempt to drive away a spiralling Great White shark population led by a fierce alpha shark.”

A Sentient and Endurance Media production, ‘Alphas’ is being produced by Pierre Morel, Endurance’s Steve Richards, and Sentient’s Renee Tab and Christopher Tuffin. Jake Martin of Sentient, Al Munteanu of Square One, and Jonathan Deckter and Nicholas Chartier of Voltage Pictures serve as executive producers. Voltage Pictures is currently presenting the project to potential distributors at the European Film Market.

Sam Worthington To Star In 'Alphas' | A White Shark vs Killer Whale Thriller

Okay, ‘Alphas’ sounds pretty damn awesome. Anyone who has watched Shark Week will know that recent clashes between these top predators are on the increase. More notable is the ingenious method the Orca have developed to overcome their fearsome opponents. Like many of its species, once turned onto its back a White Shark enters into a trance-like state known as “tectonic immobility” which leaves them helpless against attack. Recent encounters have revealed that the Orca are now exploiting this weakness and using it to gain the upper hand.

Imagine this scenario played out on the big screen with a “damaged” man-eating Killer Whale and a school of Great White Sharks! I don’t know about you, but I am totally on board for this one. ‘Alphas’ is a tantalising prospect, and I cannot wait to take my seat and jump in!

Sadly, as of press time, there is no official release date, but we’ll strive to keep you posted on the latest updates as they hit the wires.


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