September 28, 2022
S.H. Figuarts War Machine Avengers Endgame Tamashii Nations Review

Thomas enters the Endgame to review the impressive new War Machine action figure from Tamashii’s Figuarts line

Tamashii Nations has released its latest figure in its impressive S.H. Figuarts line from Avengers Endgame War Machine! It’s another Bandai Premium.

The next wave of Avengers Endgame figures will arrive from April to June and apart from Captain Marvel, they won’t be Bandai Premium exclusives! After that, no word yet on if there will be more figures from the epic Avengers finale.


This one comes with 10 interchangeable hands, 4 hands action effects, 2 feet reactor effects, 1 machine gun effect, 1 back machine gun.

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This figure 32 points of articulation, about the same amount of POA as the Avengers Infinity War War Machine. It’s a darker armor in terms of coloring, and it isn’t as heavily armed as the previous one. It is a very detailed figure and it’s screen accurate. Behind the feet, there are two “little wing flaps” for flight mode.


Just like all the Iron armor figures, this one uses die-cast for the feet and parts of the legs which makes it a heavy figure. What’s missing on this one is obviously a Rhodes headsculpt, he’s the only armored character that hasn’t got a headsculpt yet.


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Final Thoughts

A great new addition to the ranks of War Machine armors!


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