Annlyel shares her excitement for Marvel Studios‘ hotly-anticipated Disney+ series WandaVision

With so many movies being delayed and such unprecedented circumstances transpiring this year (like the cancellation of the Olympics) it almost feels like 2020 has been canceled, however, we cannot forget the exciting things to come later this year, like WandaVision.

From Vision to Dryden Vos | The Contrasting Roles of Paul Bettany

Wanda Maximoff and Vision made their debuts in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) five years ago in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the entertaining sequel to the first film that would make me a firm Marvel fan, The Avengers.

Since then, their story has been a tumultuous ride. In Captain America: Civil War, their individual stories were just tiny cogs in the grander scheme of things but it was that film that would introduce their romantic interest in one another. Two years later, Infinity War would highlight them as one of the movie’s main storylines considering that Vision literally had an Infinity Stone lodged in his forehead. You know the rest.


Fast forward two years later yet again and the story has had a substantial change. Vision seems to currently be dead, Thanos is no more, the Avengers won, the world is somewhat back to a normal place, and yet we’re about to have a series that brings Wanda and Vision back together in what appears to be a very strange way. The series has already been dubbed by Kevin Feige and Paul Bettany to be “epic” and “super avant-garde.” And simply judging from the bits and pieces we were given in the teaser trailer, WandaVision looks like it could easily be the breakout hit of the year.

WandaVision - Scarlet Witch

Don’t forget, not only is this series giving us more Wanda Maximoff and Vision but we’re also getting Teyonah Parris’s rendition of a grown-up Monica Rambeau, Randall Park is returning as Agent Jimmy Woo (Ant-Man and the Wasp), and Kat Dennings is reprising her role as Darcy Lewis seven years after her previous involvement with the franchise in Thor: The Dark World. And just when it seems the series can’t get any more intriguing Feige revealed that it will finally bring to fruition Wanda’s comic book name Scarlet Witch in some “entirely fun and somewhat scary” ways. Ooh, this is getting better and better!


Yeah, I’m excited for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier but WandaVision has the chance to be the series that could ultimately change the MCU in some big ways moving forward.

In short, I’m just excited to see it. 😊


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