Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac & more are revealed in these awesome new images

Rejoice Dune fans, we have some awesome news for you. Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have unveiled a handful of new images from Denis Villeneuve’s hotly-anticipated take on Frank Herbert’s beloved science-fiction novel, “Dune”.

Timothée Chalamet - Dune

Yesterday, the studio revealed our first look at Timothée Chalamet as the main protagonist of the story, Paul Atreides (pictured above) and eager to up the ante and get fans fully invested in the ambitious reboot, the studio has released a bunch of awesome new images which give us our first look at Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, Javier Bardem. The awesome images come to us from Vanity Fair who has delivered a special behind-the-scenes look at Villeneuve’s mammoth project. Check them out below:

Dune 1Dune 2Dune 3Dune 4Dune 5Dune 6Dune 7Dune 8Dune 9

Filmed primarily in Jordan, Dune stars Chalamet as Paul Atreides, whose noble family takes ownership of the planet Arakkis. The planet is home to the world’s most valuable resource, a drug referred to as “the spice” and it’s a resource that grants superhuman abilities. This makes the Atreides family an instant enemy of rival noble families and the indigenous people of Arakkis.

When asked about the flavor of the ambitious reimagining, Villeneuve revealed his approach behind his fresh take on the property: “No matter what you believe, Earth is changing, and we will have to adapt. That’s why I think Dune, this book, was written in the 20th century. It was a distant portrait of the reality of the oil and capitalism and the exploitation, the overexploitation, of Earth. Today, things are just worse. It’s a coming-of-age story, but also a call for action for the youth.”

From the outset, the visionary director has maintained that the story would need to be split into two movies to stay true to the original source material and during his interview, he doubled-down on this promise: “I would not agree to make this adaptation of the book with one single movie. The world is too complex. It’s a world that takes its power in detail.”


Wow, I don’t know about you, but I am super-pumped for Dune. The aesthetics of this movie are off the chain and given Villeneuve’s previous efforts on Blade Runner 2049 we could be set for an incredibly dynamic and immersive viewing experience come December. I have been lukewarm to this reimaging for some time, but these new images have solidified Dune as one of my must-see movies of the year.

Bravo Mr. Villeneuve, you have delivered an exciting glimmer of light in these dark times.


Dune is set to hit multiplexes from December 18, 2020.


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(Source: Vanity Fair)



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