Thomas heads to Bespin for a close encounter with Luke Skywalker from Hasbro’s Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Collection

Luke Skywalker (Bespin) is part of the first wave of single carded figures for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. For the occasion, Hasbro brought back the Vintage card back like they had done for A New Hope anniversary.


Luke in his Bespin outfit was first released at the beginning of the Black Series line so it had an ugly face without the digital face print tech. This time, Hasbro upgraded the figure by using this amazing tech to give us a great Luke face. I’d say with the Return Of The Jedi figure, it has the best Luke headsculpt in 6inch. Hasbro proves once again that they’re old figures didn’t have a bad face sculpt but just bad paint apps and the digital tech makes all the difference! I appreciate they didn’t paint the hair blond unlike SHF that always made the mistake, Hasbro also did the mistake many times.


They also repainted the outfit and added a dust paint on it to have the outfit like it was after Luke falls into the carbon freezing chamber during the duel. However, the color is not beige enough and feels more like grey but it is definitely closer than how the first release was. The belt is a separate piece of plastic to allow better articulation range. You can attach the lightsaber hilt and the blaster fits in the holster.

The lightsaber is fine, they just re-use the same now with different paint apps, this one has okay paint apps. For the blaster, they just re-used Han Solo‘s blaster without changing the paint apps.


This figure has 18 points of articulation, you can get some good action poses. Because it is an old figure, this one has the ugly neck joint but the headsculpt hides it pretty well so that’s fine.

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Final Thoughts

Luke is a re-release done right – with improvements.


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