Star Trek Strange New Worlds

Will the exciting new Star Trek series turn back the clock and return to the episodic format of The Original Series?

Yesterday saw the announcement of an exciting new Star Trek series coming to CBS All Access. The series will follow the adventures of Captain Christopher Pike, Mr. Spock and Number One aboard the starship Enterprise in the decade before James T. Kirk assumed command of the iconic Federation flagship.

Star Trek Discovery - USS Enterprise

The series, titled ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worldsrepresents a golden opportunity for the franchise to press the reset button and bring back the glory days when Kirk and Picard matched wits against the galaxy’s most iconic villains every week. The current crop of Star Trek shows like Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard has discarded the traditional weekly episodic format in favor of embracing a contemporary season encompassing storyline which despite being fun and entertaining, isn’t in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s original vision.


With a decade of adventures available to tap into, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has the chance to reinvigorate the franchise and restore the balance to what has been a divisive new chapter in Star Trek history. Despite being an icon of Star Trek legends, we still know very little about Christopher Pike’s tenure as Captain of the Enterprise. We are well versed in the fate that awaits him on planet Talos IV, but his overall legacy has barely been touched upon.

It would be incredible to see a flashback episode where Pike assumes command of the Enterprise, replacing then seven-year veteran Captain Robert April. To actually witness Pike in all his glory before the ravages of the mission to Rigel VII where several members of his crew met grizzly deaths filled him with a sense of guilt. To explore Spock’s character before James T. Kirk arrived and altered his life forever. And finally, to discover more about Number One.

Star Trek Discovery - Number One and Spock

The character made her debut in The Original Series pilot episode “The Cage” but was discarded after the network refused to pick up the series. When the reconfigured Star Trek returned for appraisal, Number One was gone, replaced by Mr. Spock. Her long-overdue return in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery fleshed out her character and added some much-needed meat to the bones, even revealing her name to be Una, but there is far more to learn about this unsung hero of Star Trek lore.

Star Trek Discovery - Number One

Personally, I cannot wait to strap in for more adventures aboard the USS Enterprise. After the triumphant and nostalgia-filled ride of Star Trek: Picard, a return to the familiar bridge of the Enterprise is just what the doctor ordered. The events of Discovery Season 2 revealed that the arrival of the “Red Angels” had interrupted the Enterprise’s inaugural five-year mission, so let’s hope Pike and company can return to the depths of space free to seek out new lifeforms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before…in the traditional weekly episodic format.

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