February 3, 2023

Thomas returns to Wakanda for his latest Hasbro review

With the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4 being delayed and the Black Widow wave being already released, Hasbro is focusing more on the comics for now. They will make figures from the upcoming MCU series but it is unconfirmed if it’ll be for this year or next year due to the production delays experienced in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. So I thought about giving you a review from an old Target exclusive pack – Everett Ross & Erik Killmonger!

For Agent Ross, Hasbro re-used their classic suit and painted it gray with a black-tie to fit his look from Black Panther. So it’s a very easy figure to do, only the headsculpt is new. And oh did they nail it! It is the best 6-inch headsculpt I have seen for Martin Freeman, it’s amazing. They gave him that little smirk he often does, which is pretty cool. Honestly, it’s the main reason I got the pack.

It has 22 points of articulation, this figure has the ugly neck joint but the face covers it pretty well so if you look at it from the front, you don’t notice it! This figure comes with a simple gun, painted all in black and made of thick plastic.

Erik Killmonger comes in his Panther outfit and it is majestic! They really went into the small details to get all those golden pigments, especially with the helmet! I’m impressed! They used bright gold paint for better results! Well done Hasbro for the hard work! It has 24 points of articulation including the extra shoulder POA for better action poses! This figure comes with 4 interchangeable hands, an Erik Killmonger headsculpt, and 2 blades. The top of the yellow and silver blade is bent, a recurring problem with Marvel Legends but the big blade is all good.

The Erik Killmonger headsculpt is a repack from the basic figure so it’s an amazing one!

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Final Thoughts:

A great pack and it’s the only way to get the Everett Ross figure so far. If you like this character, it’s the pack to buy!


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