December 6, 2022
S.H. Figuarts Iron Man MK-85 Avengers Endgame Final Battle Review

Thomas checks out Tamashii Nations‘ awesome new Tony Stark figure from Avengers Endgame

As part of their Final Battle wave for Avengers Endgame, S.H. Figuarts has released a new version of their Iron Man MK-85 figure with a lot more accessories! Unlike the other Avengers Endgame boxes, these ones are purple and not white. They also contain Disney Deluxe points for people who live in Japan.


This one comes with a Tony Stark headsculpt, a shield, a back cannon with 6 firing effects, 4 hands firing effects, 2 feet reactor effects, 12 interchangeable hands including a new pair of hands to recreate the scene when Iron Man hugs Spider-Man, a hand for a shield and a hand with a blade.


The accessories are great and are screen accurate like previous nanotech sets with Iron Man from Avengers Infinity War. There is a variety of weapons so you can use them like you want and recreate many scenes! And you can also use them on the first MK-85 figure, it works just fine! The firing effects for the back cannon are a bit tricky to put the first time. You definitely need nails or a thin needle to remove the parts of the cannon to replace them with the firing effects. Despite the great number of accessories, I wish they had included the nanotech infinity gauntlet for Iron Man to recreate the “I am Iron Man” scene.


It is only the second time Figuarts have produced a Tony Stark headsculpt that can be put on his armor (the first time was for his Iron Man 2 armor). This headsculpt is brand new and reflects how he looks in Avengers Endgame. It’s a great one and I’m very satisfied with the likeness. In the promotional pictures, they had simply used the headsculpt from the Iron Man 3 figure so I’m glad they changed it and actually designed a new headsculpt because years have passed so Tony grew older.

Because it is a final battle version, the armor has a lot of dirt paint on it so the gold looks more yellow-ish/brown-ish and the red is a lot darker. But the figure itself is basically the same in terms of sculpting as the first MK-85 release. It has the same number of points of articulation – 27, any action poses you want, you can get it!


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Final Thoughts

The ultimate Iron Man MK-85 figure!


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