December 10, 2022
S.H. Figuarts Iron Spider Avengers Endgame Review

Thomas checks out Tamashii Nations‘ latest Iron Spider figure from Endgame!

The Iron Spider is part of the Final Battle wave of figures from Avengers Endgame. S.H. Figuarts has redesigned the boxes for these figures painting them purple and having large boxes while the previous Avengers Endgame figures were white boxes.


For this final battle edition, the figure comes with lots of great accessories – the first Peter Parker headsculpt from Figuarts, 3 additional pair of interchangeable eyes, 8 interchangeable hands and a set of attached hands, 6 spider web effects, a back attach for stands, removable spider legs and the Nano Infinity Gauntlet, a support tool (for the eyes).


S.H. Figuarts is giving us the best Peter Parker headsculpt on a 6-inch scale (non-custom). It’s a great sculpt and it was about damn time Figuarts produced one!

The outfit is screen accurate with this time blue eyes like in the movies, there are also red eyes for the instant kill mode. They used red metallic paint that is absolutely beautiful. I’m impressed with how good the sculpt is and how beautiful the paint apps are!


This figure has 32 points of articulation and 20 points of articulation for the Spider legs. It is the best Iron Spider figure too in terms of articulation, they’ve done an amazing job on it. A brand new set of hands is included for this Spider-Man figure – an attachable pair of hands to use with a spider web effect! Compared to MAFEX, Figuarts wins hands down. First in terms of articulation, then in terms of sculpting (and headsculpt) plus there are no quality problems with Figuarts!


The Nano Infinity Gauntlet has 5 POA, one for each finger. It’s great and surprise, it can be used by Hulk (Avengers Endgame) to recreate the blip scene!


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Final Thoughts

A must-have, there is no doubt about it!


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