November 26, 2022
Star Trek: Lower Decks | Cast and Character Designs Unveiled

Star Trek’s first animated comedy series finally has a trailer…

Space. The final frontier…

As a franchise, Star Trek has always forged new paths and challenged stereotypes. Whether its the first-ever interracial kiss, or the first openly gay couple in Starfleet history – the franchise had boldly gone where no franchise has gone before. And now, the franchise is embarking on its most daring adventure yet – INTO COMEDY!

Star Trek: Lower Decks | Cast and Character Designs Unveiled

At the time of its announcement, Star Trek: Lower Decks raised a few eyebrows amongst the fanbase. the concept of Star Trek delving into the realm of animated comedy split the fanbase down the middle – but with word spreading that classic characters from The Next Generation may be making an appearance, the tides are beginning to turn and fans are open to exploring this bold new adventure.  Today, CBS has unveiled the long-awaited trailer for Star Trek: Lower Decks which gives us a taste of what we can expect from the series when it hits the streamer later this year. Check it out:

And if that isn’t enough to have you reaching for your tricorder – CBS also unveiled the colorful new poster which you can see below:

Star Trek Lower Decks Poster

Okay, as a lifelong Star Trek fan, I am always open to exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new civilizations – but there are limits – and Star Trek: Lower Decks appears to be testing my resolve. Star Trek has always carried itself with pride and explored the human adventure into bold new territories, but this series looks to be throwing the rulebook out the window. And that may be a step too far for some.

Star Trek Discovery - USS Enterprise

Until we can fully immerse ourselves in the series,  I will reserve judgment – but from what I have seen so far – there are troubling times ahead in the final frontier. But look at the bright side, Star Trek Strange New Worlds, Discovery Season 3 and Star Trek: Picard Season 2 are all heading our way at lightspeed!

Every cloud – and all that jazz!


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