December 6, 2022
Star Wars - My Ten Favorite Characters

The Solo: A Star Wars Story star seems to think so!

Despite failing to make a mega splash at the worldwide box office ($392 million to be exact), Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story is arguably one of the better movies in the post-George Lucas era. Boasting wonderful performances from its cast, breathtaking visual effects and a pulse-pounding score from John Powell – Solo delivered Star Wars awesomeness in a big way.


Sadly, the movie was released just a few short months after Rian Johnson’s divisive Episode 8, the first Star Wars movie to truly split the fanbase down the middle and draw battle lines in the sand. And, with so many fans disillusioned with the franchise, the timing could not have been worse for Solo. And yet, since the time of its initial release, fans of all ages have been discovering the glory of this fantastic Star Wars adventure in their droves – leading to the #MakeSolo2Happen movement.

Despite Solo‘s commercial failure and chances of a direct sequel seeming dead in the water, a recent interview with Alden Ehrenreich revealed a glimmer of hope for Solo fans everywhere. Talking to Esquire, Ehrenreich was asked about the possibility of returning as Solo and his response was surprising. Although he shot down the chances of a direct Solo sequel, he did offer a tidbit of news about a potential return…

“No, I don’t know anything about (Solo sequel). I mean, you know, I think our movie was kind of the last of the conventional-era Star Wars movie release time… I’ve heard soooome stuff, but nothing concrete.”


This is definitely positive news. Although a direct sequel to Solo appears like a non-starter, the success of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus has opened the door to further adventures with Han Solo in a television format. And with several other secret Star Wars projects in the works at Lucasfilm – dare we dream of an all-new young Han Solo series headlining Disney Plus alongside the recently announcedThe Bad Batch” series. Sadly, only the studio heads at Lucasfilm know for sure, but either way – this is welcome news.

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Until something official emerges from Disney/Lucasfilm this is nothing more than hopes and dreams, but with Star Wars: The Clone Wars returning from the ashes for one more run – anything is possible in the galaxy far, far away…


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