February 1, 2023

Katelyn talks Star Wars mythology with James from The University of Coruscant in this exclusive FOTF interview

The University of Coruscant is getting ready for its third season. This particular podcast focuses on the lore and history of Star Wars, mentioning people and items from the films, novels, TV series, and even legends. the seamlessness is amazing and the production is top-notch. I got to sit down with James, the creator of UofC, and get the scoop on previous seasons as well as what we can expect from season three.

The Jedi Order

U of C’s first season takes place on Coruscant in the form of a college lecture. You are a student who has enrolled in the college hundreds of years after the events of the films. Dr. Sunny Ravencourt is your professor as you learn about the different weapons that make up the Star Wars galaxy. Season two sees Dr. Sunny in a…precarious situation and on the run. I won’t give any further details as the depth of the story James weaves is absolutely worth listening to yourself.

Check out our exclusive interview:

Each episode is “bite-size”, lasting only 15min. It was important to James that each episode be enjoyable without being like a typical college lecture. Each episode is funny and educational like sitting down with your favorite teacher. Season three will be all about Sith. Not any Sith, but ancient Sith. These are the ones you’ve probably never heard of, but that definitely had their chance at bringing down the Jedi.

Season three starts soon so keep your eye on wherever you listen to podcasts. And don’t forget to check out the University Of Coruscant website here.


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