February 6, 2023
Star Wars Adventures - Defend the Republic Review

Join your favorite heroes as they fight to defend the Republic.

From some of your favorite Star Wars Adventures writers and illustrators, and featuring fave characters, this edition is sure to please. We join Padmé, Yoda, Jar Jar Binks, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker in these young reader-friendly tales set during Episodes 1–3!

Star Wars Adventures Vol. 8: Defend the Republic | IDW Publishing

Star Wars Adventures Vol. 8: Defend the Republic

Raiders of the Lost Gundark

Padme and Jar Jar look for a lost Gungan relic. Their adventure takes them to a lost temple in the vein of Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, the relic might not be as important as they think it is. This was a great homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark, right down to the scene were Padme lifts the artifact from the pedestal.

“Raiders of the Lost Gundark” by Delilah S. Dawson and illustrated by Derek Charm. Delilah S. Dawson is the author of Phasma and Black Spire. Derek Charm is a regular contributor to Star Wars Adventures.

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Roger Roger

When Rex is pinned down, General Kenobi comes to his rescue. But as the two get overrun, they get some help from an unlikely source: a short-circuited battle droid.

I really enjoyed this one! I always loved that the battle droids started to develop personalities just like the clones as the war went on. Bats is no exception. A funny and brave battle droid. Plus, that like at the end that a Jedi always pays their debts made me laugh out loud.

“Roger Roger” is by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Mauricet. Both are regular contributors to Star Wars Adventures.

B1 Battle Droids

Hide and Seek

Anakin and Yoda travel to the planet Retta in Wild Space. There they find Yoda’s old friend Kreeda, the last of the Segredo. Kreeda is protecting a great secret that the Separatists want to get their hands on. It’s up to Yoda and Anakin to help through the Separatists off her trail.

Another by regular contributors Cavan Scott and Derek Charm.

Tales from Wild Space: The Big March

While on their way to the Shosho Outpost Emil Graf’s droids, Crater and Boo, tell the story of the unluckiest droid in the Clone Wars: Q5-7070.

“The Big March” is written and illustrated by Nick Brokenshire. Nick has written and illustrated several shorts for Star Wars Adventures.

Bariss Offee - Star Wars The Clone Wars

Tales from Wild Space: The Journey

Emil tells the story of the time Barriss Offee was sent on a dangerous mission by her master, Luminara Unduli. Barriss is sent to retrieve an ancient artifact and must run a gauntlet of trials to succeed. How that success is measured though might not be the way she expects it to be.

“The Journey” is written by George Mann and illustrated by Valentina Pinto. Mann has written several Doctor Who tie in novels and a series of Steampunk novels. Pinto is a regular for Star Wars Adventures.

The two “Tales from Wild Space” emphasize the journey over the destination. Barriss’s task was more about proving to herself she was ready to handle what life threw at her. While the unlucky droids were that not all journeys will be full of the type of adventure you want, that some are, in fact, full of peril. Both good lessons for Younglings and Padawans to learn.

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Final Thoughts:

This edition was full of adventure, and even a few lessons. All in all, a solid continuation of this great comic series for young readers.

Star Wars Adventures Vol. 8: Defend the Republic is published by IDW Publishing and is available to buy NOW!


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