January 27, 2023
Knight Rider 001

Spyglass Media and James Wan to work on a big-screen adaptation of Knight Rider!

Okay, KITT. Fire up the Turbo Boost and get David Hasselhoff on speed-dial!

Spyglass Media Group is teaming with visionary filmmaker James Wan and Michael Clear (Atomic Monster) to develop a big-screen adventure based on the classic 1980’s TV action series Knight Rider.

The original series featured a futuristic talking smart car named KITT and his human counterpart, a former police officer turned crime-fighter named Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff). KITT, a beautifully sleek 1984 black Pontiac Trans Am boasted the vocal brilliance of William Daniels who would talk to Michael via his two-way radio wristwatch. The series was created by TV legend Glen A. Larson and catapulted “The Hoff’s” career into the big time. Within weeks of its premiere, the series became a cult phenomenon and produced TV spinoffs, films, toys, video games, books, and its very own convention known as KnightCon.

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As of press time, plot details for the big screen outing are slim, neither do we have confirmation whether David Hasselhoff will be involved in some capacity, but numerous reports are suggesting that Wan’s movie will be a contemporary take on the property that will maintain the anti-establishment tone of the original series.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this project. Like most kids of the eighties, I grew up with Knight Rider and despite MANY attempts to recreate its brilliance – the original series is yet to be replicated. The combination of David Haselhoff’s brilliance, William Daniels’ melodious vocals, and the iconic sleek Trans Am captured lightning in a bottle and delivered a series so iconic that everything that followed paled into comparison.

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Whether James Wan can step out of David Hasselhoff’s shadow remains to be seen,  however, his filmography is second to none and his master touch on Aquaman delivered one of the best DC Movies of the modern era – so from that outlook, Knight Rider appears to be in good hands. Now, if he can just get “The Hoff” involved in ANY WAY I’ll be dancing like a kid at Christmas.


Watch this space for the latest updates as they emerge.


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