FIRST LOOK | New 8" KING KONG Figure Unveiled by NECA

The king of the monsters is finally revealed in all his glory

The hotly-anticipated KING KONG 8″ action figure from NECA Toys has already started popping up on toy shelves without fans ever having seen the final product in its packaging. Well, all that is about to change. The finished packaging for the mighty king of the monsters has finally been revealed. Check it out below:

NECA King Kong Packaging 001NECA King Kong Packaging 002NECA King Kong Packaging 003NECA King Kong Packaging 004

Here’s the official line from NECA:

NECA is proud to add another kaiju to its collection. At long last King Kong will be joining NECA’s action figure line!

King Kong is an original take on the classic gorilla, with super detailed hair and battle wounds across the body and head sculpt. This massive figure stands at 8″ tall with over 30 points of articulation. Included with the figure are 2 heads with varied expressions, a pair of open hands, and closed fist hands.

Window box packaging with opening 5th-panel front cover.

NECA King Kong 006

This unbelievable figure comes with over 30 points of articulation. The design is described as an original take on King Kong, with head sculpts bearing a striking resemblance to the original incarnation from the Black & White classic 1933 movie.


The search for Kong begins. Head out to your nearest toy store and let us know if you spot him.


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