December 6, 2022

Thomas checks out the hotly-anticipated new Wonder Woman action figure from Patty Jenkins’ upcoming sequel

We won’t see Wonder Woman 1984 until at least December 2020. However, we can still get some merchandise from the movie right now and that includes the newest S.H. Figuarts figure!

This figure comes with 8 interchangeable hands, one additional interchangeable face, a lasso of truth in “action,” and a removable part of the belt without the lasso attached to it. They kept the body sculpt from the Wonder Woman Justice League figure but they changed the colors to match her look in Wonder Woman 1984. You get a more vibrant red and a more lively color palette for the armor. They also improved the way you attach the lasso of truth to the belt with a removable part without the lasso. The color of the armor isn’t the only thing that changed. The skin color feels more human-like too!

The articulation remains the same – 28 points of articulation and unlike the MAFEX figure, when you move the shoulders there is a point of articulation that prevents seeing a gap between the shoulder and the body. For this new version of the character, Figuarts decided to create a brand new face sculpt and they totally nailed it! It is hands down the best Gal Gadot headsculpt that has been made so far!

This figure may not have a shield and a sword but comes with a lasso “in action,” like all the products from the upcoming movie. This may indicate, we won’t see her shield and sword in this one. However, considering the hands used to hold the lasso, you can use them to display her with her shield and sword if you have the previous Figuarts or MAFEX figure.

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A must-buy figure, S.H. Figuarts has delivered the ultimate Gal Gadot headsculpt!


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