February 7, 2023

Jon Favreau‘s stellar series has bridged the gap between the trilogies better than the sequel trilogy

Despite offering some spectacular moments, The Rise Of Skywalker wasn’t exactly the culmination of the saga many of us were expecting. Whereas Avengers Endgame had brought the MCU together just a few short months earlier, The Rise Of Skywalker missed the opportunity to tap into the heritage of the Star Wars franchise and bring cinemas greatest space odyssey full circle ready to begin a bold new chapter.

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In truth, the sequel trilogy did everything possible to avoid including elements from the prequel trilogy, and the final trilogy was ultimately weakened as a result. And yet, when it came time to explore a bold new frontier for The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau had other ideas.

The Mandalorian Season 3 Already in Pre-Production at Disney+

Throughout its eight-episode first season, The Mandalorian practically oozed Star Wars iconography. Many of the components were small, trivial background additions, and some were blasts from the past that titillated long term viewers. Whether it was the inclusion of Super Battle Droids, Deathwatch Mandalorian warriors, Camtono “ice cream makers”, Deathtrooper’s, IG Assassin Droids, Pit Droids, or Tusken Raiders and JawasThe Mandalorian utilized elements from the entire saga.

The Mandalorian Chapter 1 - IG-11

This recipe for success ensured that Favreau’s brainchild was an instant hit with the fans. For long term fans and newcomers alike,  The Mandalorian feels like a legitimate continuation of the Original Trilogy, all the while carving out its niche and paving the way for a bold new collection of adventures post-Luke Skywalker, The Emperor and The Jedi. And thankfully, this trend has continued with Season 2.


In the première episode of the second season,  fans were treated to more Star Wars tropes and iconography than they could have ever dreamed of. Boba Fett‘s armor made a long-overdue appearance, the Jawas, and Tusken Raiders made a welcome return, Tusken Massiff hounds made their first appearance since Attack of the Clones,  a converted Pod Racer was used as a Speeder Bike, Cobb Vanth, a character plucked from the pages of Star Wars literature ACTUALLY made the transition to the screen, and a Krayt Dragon – the first creature we ever saw in the Star Wars universe made a stunning comeback.


If that isn’t enough to have us dancing around the campfire like a Tusken Raider at a Bantha Barbecue, a disused Sarlaac pit was used as the Dragon’s den. But that paled in comparison to the iconic moment when THAT legendary character made a shocking appearance!!! Chapter Nine – The Marshal was nothing short of spectacular, and the references to the exploits of the past were there for all to see.


Moreover, Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, and even Bo-Katan Kryze are all expected to be making their live-action debuts this season, and with the New Republic thrown into the mix – every era of the galaxy far, far away is well represented. In nine episodes, The Mandalorian has harnessed the very essence of the Star Wars universe and brought fans of all three trilogies together better than The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, or The Rise Of Skywalker was able to. And that’s all thanks to the creativity and understanding of Jon Favreau – and a healthy dose of nostalgia!


Overall, I’d say the galaxy far, far away is in very safe hands with Jon Favreau. The visionary director has proven time and time again that he knows the franchise inside and out, and if gives the keys to the kingdom he could very well be the custodian of the Star Wars franchise for years to come. And that is an exciting prospect.

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The Mandalorian is currently streaming exclusively on Disney Plus.


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