December 5, 2022

New Godzilla vs Kong footage reveals the moment the earth’s mightiest monsters collide!

Some exciting new footage from Godzilla vs Kong has arrived. Arriving as a part of the HBO Max release promo, the footage reveals the moment earth’s mightiest monsters come to blows. The upcoming fourth film in Warner Bros/Legendary’s monster-verse finally pits the two titans against one another.

The confrontation will reveal their battle for supremacy and the mantle of “King Of The Monsters”. And the choice of who will win this ultimate battle has divided the fans.


After a heated exchange between Legendary and Warner Bros. Godzilla vs Kong is now set for a simultaneous release on both HBO Max and in cinemas. A deal has been agreed, and now the ultimate monster smackdown is coming our way on March 26. The release strategy comes after the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered most cinemas around the world.

In the new HBO Max teaser, new footage of the duel between Kong and Godzilla reveals the great ape punching the colossal kaiju in the face. Check it out:


Though the movie will now be released sooner than expected, we still haven’t had an official trailer. But, with the release date coming at us faster than Kong can sprint, surely it’s only a matter of time before we get to see more of the ultimate clash of the titans. But, from what we’ve seen so far the movie is set up to be the best film in the monster-verse so far.

And in this universe KONG IS KING!

Source: Warner Bros


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