September 27, 2023

ThunderCats Ho! Super7 has opened pre-orders for the sensational ThunderCats ThunderTank Ultimates 7″ scale vehicle

By the eye of Thundera, It’s the ThunderCats ThunderTank!

ThunderCats is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance at the moment. The legendary animated series was a juggernaut back in the day, and thanks to some diehard fans like myself, the series has never faded in popularity.

Thundercats Logo

The recent resurgence is easy to explain. Not only is the series just as good today as it was then, but the launch of Super7’s sensational new range of “Ultimates” action figures has played its part. To sum up, the new figures are a major upgrade to the versions we played with as kids. And they boast better articulation and a superior body and facial sculpt.

And, if that isn’t enough to tip us over the edge into nerd overload, Super7 has now opened pre-orders for their latest gem. It’s the … wait for it … the ThunderTank!


The newly upgraded ThunderTank has working treads, rolling wheels, an articulated jaw, hidden cannons in the arms and forehead panel, two interchangeable windshields, an opening cargo bay door, a removable turret, a Thundrillium Storage container, and more.


ThunderCats, HOOOOO! What if there was a bigger and better vision of the ThunderTank you wanted as a kid? Panthro was in need of a little extra work, so we had him come over to Super7 and help us build the ThunderTank of our dreams!  The ULTIMATES! ThunderTank features cartoon accurate deco, opening cargo bay doors, a mechanical jaw, glow-in-the-dark eyes, rolling wheels, and more!

Measuring 27” long- that’s over TWO FEET!- and 17” wide, the ULTIMATES! ThunderTank can carry up to six ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figures! You can fit four original ThunderTanks inside the ULTIMATES! version!

The ULTIMATES! ThunderTank features:

  • Working rubber tank treads
  • Rolling wheels with steel axles
  • Articulated jaw
  • Articulated arms reveal hidden cannons
  • Forehead panel reveals hidden cannon
  • 2 different windshields – Armored for battle mode & Clear for aquatic mode
  • Opening cargo bay doors
  • Seating for 6 Super7 ThunderCats 7″ Ultimates figures
  • Removable, swiveling turret
  • Highly detailed cockpit
  • Highly detailed wall paneling
  • Thundrillium storage container
  • Cartoon accurate deco

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Ordering directly from Super7 is available only to customers in the US. Customers outside of the United States can place their ThunderTank pre-orders with these authorized International Partners in your territory:

This gloriously upscaled version of our beloved classic ThunderTank is a limited release, and pre-orders will close in April. In other words, get your thunder skates on and pre-orders yours now. The ThunderTank is priced at $450 with several handy payment plans available.


Let’s be honest, we don’t need sight beyond sight to see that this is the ULTIMATE collectible for a ThunderCats fan. The ThunderTank was the coolest vehicle outside of the Star Wars galaxy, and thanks to Super7, our beloved favorite is getting a major upgrade! Move over Panthro, I’m driving!

Thunder. Thunder, Thunder. ThunderCats Ho!!!


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