Thomas enters the battle against Thanos to review the sensational new Hot Toys Iron Man MK-LXXXV figure from Endgame

The Hot Toys Iron Man MK-LXXXV (85) is finally starting to be shipped for international buyers! Just like The Mandalorian and the Child figures, it’s Hot Toys who are handling shipping (at least for pre-orders) and not Sideshow Collectibles, so the figures are shipped directly from Hong Kong.


The box has the usual Avengers Endgame design. A box with the Avengers logo and a promotional drawing of the character and colors that match him. For Iron Man, obviously, it’s red.

There are two versions of the Mark LXXXV. This one and the battle damaged version. The second should release later in the year. The standard version comes with a Tony Stark headsculpt, 6 interchangeable hands (including two hands with fully articulated fingers), 1 nano Infinity Gauntlet, a removable back cannon. Batteries (pliers and a screwdriver as well), and the basic stand.

The basic stand has the same design for all Avengers Endgame figures. It’s hexagonal with the Avengers logo, Endgame‘s title card, the character’s symbol/logo, and his nameplate. As I always say read the instruction sheet before using the figure.


I’m extremely happy Hot Toys included the nano Infinity gauntlet for the normal Mark LXXXV figure and not just on the battle damaged version. It allows collectors who just want one version of the figure to recreate the iconic “I am Iron Man” scene from Endgame. The arm has a LED light-up feature. And speaking of that, all the batteries were easy to insert except for the legs. I haven’t been able to open the thigh armor plate to insert them. The leg batteries only light up a small light on each leg so that’s not a problem but still, too bad. The LED light-up features are always great with Hot Toys and this one is no exception.

The back cannon is pretty cool but I would have preferred if it also had a LED light-up feature. Still, you can get some great display poses with it!


The figure itself is beautiful! I love this armor because in terms of color it reminds me of the original armors but with a nanotech vibe. Hot Toys always nails it with the paint! This one has over 30 points of articulation with plenty of armor parts that can move for better articulation range. A new articulation includes an armor part that lifts above the elbow for better arms articulation range.


I kept the headsculpt for the last part of my review just like I did on my unboxing video. If you’ve followed the news in the collector’s world, there has been a huge backlash concerning the headsculpt. In the solicitation pictures, they showed the Civil War head. However, the final product featured a brand new headsculpt and that angered collectors. It was a backlash big enough that Hot Toys felt the need to announce a replacement headsculpt would be coming for people who want it that will match the solicitation pictures. This headsculpt will release around September (no information on how Sideshow Collectibles will arrange this because, for Asian stores, people have to subscribe before a deadline to receive it).

To be honest, the headsculpt from the solicitation pictures is an amazing sculpt for Civil War and Spider-Man Homecoming. But for Avengers Endgame, it doesn’t work. In his final appearance, Tony looks older and slimmer and I think the headsculpt provided in the final product nails that look! So yes, I’m satisfied with the headsculpt we got. I think Eom Jae Sung has created a great sculpt. I want to thank him and JC Hong (the head painter) for their hard work. Everyone is going to be happy – the people who love this sculpt can keep it and the people who don’t like it will be able to get a new one.


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An amazing figure with a great new headsculpt made by Eom Jae Sung! The Avengers Endgame line gets bigger and bigger!

The Iron Man MK-MK-LXXXV is produced by Hot Toys and is available to buy now!


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