Review | Star Wars Adventures Vol. 11: Rise of the Wookiees

In the latest volume of Star Wars Adventures, fight the First Order with Chewbacca, go on a hunt for lost knowledge with Emil Graf, and more.

In Star Wars Adventures Vol. 11, join the mighty Wookiee Chewbacca on a hunt for lost knowledge.

Star Wars Adventures Vol 11

Ghosts of Kashyyyk

Set during the Resistance, Chewie flies the Millennium Falcon with the Help of Nien Nuumb, Beaumont Kin (played by Dominic Monaghan in TROS), and a fearless Porg to save his homeworld Kashyyyk from the First Order.

There aren’t enough Chewbacca stories out there. This lets us see his warrior side as he takes on a squad of First Order Troopers. I was initially confused over who Beaumont was, and then it occurred to me that Dominic Monaghan’s character was some sort of historian. Thankfully I was right about my guess. However, it still annoys me that they won’t translate what Chewie says, no matter what story he appears in, or if he’s the main character. They translate just about every other alien language, but Shyrriiwook.

“Ghosts of Kashyyyk” is by John Barber and illustrated by regular artist contributor Derek Charm. Barber also wrote “Trouble Again” and “Chewie’s Day Off”.

Star Wars Adventures, Vol. 11 Rise of the Wookiees

Secret Agent Droids

Leia and Poe order C-3PO, BB-8, and R2-D2 to stay behind on the ship during a mission. But when they receive a transmission from a group of soldiers wanting to help fight The First Order, R2 and BB-8 rush off to help. But what they end up finding is a lone girl in need of help to fight the First Order.

“Secret Agent Droids” is written by Michael Moreci and illustrated by Tony Fleecs. Michael Moreci is a regular contributor to Star Wars Adventures and Tony Fleecs is a more recent addition to the artist lineup.

Star Wars Adventures, Vol. 11 Rise of the Wookiees

The Lost Stories

In this edition of Tales from Wildspace, Emil Graf thinks he’s found the Lost Library of Nelgenam. But when he gets there he finds metal-eating spiders, hostile librarian droids that despise noise, and a story Vampire, oh my!

How could I not love a story about a lost library? It’s like it was meant for me. Although I could do without the metal-eating spiders and the memory-sucking Vampire. Creepy. The hostile droid librarians were a bit much for a stereotype. Clearly, they’ve never been in my library during a Summer Reading Program. This is the first “Tale” to be a full-length story and not have Emil telling a story.

“The Lost Stories” is by regular contributor Cavan Scott and illustrated by David M. Busain. David M. Busain is a Spanish illustrator from Barcelona who illustrated the Tales from Wildspace Middle-Grade Novels.

Loyalty Test

Kylo Ren is ready to finish off a pocket of Resistance on the planet Vendaxa. He doesn’t count on General Hux coming along for the ride. When they are attacked by an Acklay can they work together to defeat it?

This one is perfect for those Kylux shippers. Although their open hostility towards one another never came off as suppressed attraction to me, I know some out there will love this one.

“Loyalty Test” is by Michael Moreci and illustrated by Arianna Florean. Both are recurring contributors to Star Wars Adventures.

Kylo Ren

Squad Goals

Poe Dameron takes Rey on a training exercise to teach her how to handle an X-Wing.  The two have to work together to avoid having their ships torn apart by Clone Wars era buzz droids.

This little piece is short and sweet. And it’s nice to see Rey getting a chance to show that she can fly something other than the Falcon.

“Squad Goals” is also by Michael Moreci and illustrated by Arianna Florean.

The Battle for Horizon Base

Finn, Poe, and Ducain travel to Oru to get it’s warriors to aid the Resistance. While the Oruans decline to join, they teach Finn and Ducain about Honor and vow to come when called upon.

“The Battle for Horizon Base” is also by Michael Moreci and illustrated by Arianna Florean.


I’m not sure why this volume was called Rise of the Wookies if only the first story was about them. Usually, the names allude to a theme for the stories. It’s more a mix of things all set in the Resistance era. However, I enjoyed this one compared to the last one. I think it helps it featured characters and things I like.

For fans who are young and young at heart everywhere.

Star Wars Adventures: Vol.11 Rise Of The Wookiees is published by IDW Publishing and is available to buy NOW!

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