Godzilla vs Kong | New Kong Bust By Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studio has unveiled an incredibly detailed new Kong bust and Battle Axe from Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs Kong

A few weeks ago, Prime 1 Studio revealed an awe-inspiring bust of Godzilla from Godzilla vs Kong. At the time of its reveal, the studio also teased us with images of its incredibly detailed Kong bust. However, in the weeks following the release of the movie, all news about the bust has trailed off…Until now!


Prime 1 Studio is back, and they have blown the lid off their new Kong bust. And if that isn’t enough to have you beating your chest like the Eighth Wonder Of The World, they have also revealed a replica of his Battle Axe. The bust itself clocks in at a whopping 26″ tall and stands on a miniature replica of Skull Island and its village. The structure of the bust has been sculpted in polystone to ensure durability. However, the exterior is layered with silicone to give the most realistic look. And this is topped off with hand-punched rooted synthetic fur.

Godzilla vs Kong - Kong Bust Prime 1 Studio


The scale of Kong’s Battle Axe is even more impressive. It stands at a colossal 36″ long and features a light-up blade. It boasts a Hollow Earth Stalagmite-themed base which can be separated from the Axe. The main structure is made primarily from polystone with other materials thrown into the mix to ensure the best finish.

Godzilla vs Kong - Kong's Battle Axe Prime 1 Studio

THE BUST (From The Studio)

Prime 1 Studio is incredibly proud to present the next salvo in the epic war between Titans: KONG from Godzilla vs Kong!

With our 26-inch-tall Kong Bust, we have proportionately scaled Kong down to the size of a human person, but his striking features and raw, savage power remain FULL-SIZED!

Our sculptors at Prime 1 Studio have fastidiously crafted a replica bust to bring pride to any collection. Every wrinkle and pore in his battle-worn face has been carefully sculpted to show his decades of combat with the horrid creatures of Skull Island. We have painstakingly recreated Kong’s scarred chest, menacing teeth and threatening expression. We have equipped Kong with specially manufactured glass eyes to reflect the complex personality and decades of experience they contain within! And most of all, to preserve the realistic nature of his thick coat, our craftsmen have meticulously hand-punched each of his hair strands, one by one, into his silicone and polystone understructure! This fantastic bust can only be described as a labor of love.


From the front, Kong’s bust sits above an Iwi Village fortification on a Skull Island-themed base, his home for decades. From the back, another Kong sits victoriously on his Hollow Earth throne, surrounded by naturally painted stalactites, stalagmites, and the ruins of this long extinct kingdom. Intricately painted and clutching his main primary defense against Godzilla’s Atomic Breath, Kong surveys his future home with his ancient Battle Axe. And, for a brief moment, all is right with the world. Then, all hell breaks loose with a deafening challenge from his Alpha rival!

Choose your fighter by ordering this incredible bust today! Or order them both for an incredible head-to-head combat spectacle!

If you’ve already preordered another product from our Godzilla vs. Kong line: the Godzilla Bust LSGVK-01, check out our campaign to save $100 on your way to owning this whole collection!


– One (1) Skull Island-themed base
– Realistic Synthetic Fur on Silicone and Polystone Understructure


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THE BATTLE AXE (From The Studio)

Prime 1 Studio is extremely excited to announce an amazing replica from the world of Godzilla vs Kong: Kong’s BATTLE AXE!

Reaching an impressive 36-inches tall, Kong’s Battle Axe was meant to fit in the palms of your hands! Made by Kong’s Hollow Earth civilization-building ancestors, this ancient Battle Axe was formed from the indestructible long bone of a Titan, strips of ancient reptile hide, and most importantly, an Atomic Dorsal Plate from one of Godzilla’s terrifying ancestors!

The skillful sculptors at Prime 1 Studio have replicated Kong’s iconic weapon exactly as it appeared in the movie. Our talented painters have rendered each material in the Battle Axe differently, with multiple layers of paint and weathering to create a realistic-as-possible replica. Not only that, but we’ve also imbued the Atomic Dorsal Plate with LED Illumination to recreate the Battle Axe in its charged-up mode!

Kong’s Battle Axe situates nicely within its Hollow Earth Stalagmite-themed base. Display it proudly in your collector’s cave or wield it to recreate the most exciting scenes from the movie!


– One (1) Hollow Earth Stalagmite-themed base
– LED Illuminated Godzilla Dorsal Plate


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Pre-orders for these items are live now from Prime 1 Studio. The Kong Bust is priced at $3.499 and is limited to just 500 pieces worldwide. Look for it to release sometime between July 2022 and July 2023. The Axe, on the other hand, will set you back $899 and will release between July and October of 2022. But thankfully, Prime 1 Studio has a series of affordable payment options in place to make your purchase more manageable.

Will you be adding Kong or his Battle Axe to your collection? Leave a comment in the section below. We love hearing your feedback.

Happy hunting.


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