September 30, 2023
The Bad Batch Tech Character Poster

The third character poster for Star Wars: The Bad Batch has arrived featuring Tech

With under one week to go, anticipation is growing for The Bad Batch.  The series will launch on May 4th (Star Wars Day) with a special 70 minute season premiere. And determined to build upon the recent character poster reveals for Hunter and Echo; Lucasfilm has shared another new addition. Tech.

The Bad Batch - Clone Force 99

Clone Force 99 is well and truly ready to deploy, and bringing his technical expertise to the team is Tech. Check out his glorious character poster below:

The Bad Batch - Tech Character Poster


In the unusual group of specialist clone commandos called Clone Force 99 (or the Bad Batch), Tech is the computer and weapons specialist and easily the most talkative of the group. With his data analysis skills, he can puzzle through technical issues at speeds even faster than some droids.

Mark the date in your calendars. The Bad Batch reports for duty on May 4th. Our reviews will be coming thick and fast. So maintain your orbit around Future of the Force for the latest reviews as they arrive.

What do you think of the new character posters for The Bad Batch? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. We love hearing your feedback.

Source: Star Wars

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