The Flash | Set Photo's Reveal A Location From Batman '89

Meanwhile at stately Wayne Manor… New set pics from The Flash reveal a return to Michael Keaton‘s Wayne Manor!

With filming officially underway, the first pictures are emerging from the set of The Flash. Ordinarily, that would be more than enough to trigger our excitement. But when you throw in the fact that the set is Michael Keaton’s Wayne Manor from the BurtonVerse, you can dial that excitement to eleven.

The Flash | Set Photo's Reveal A Location From Batman '89
Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) in the courtyard of Wayne Manor (Knebworth House) (Collection Christophel/Alamy Stock Photo)

After we finally got confirmation of Keaton’s involvement, The Flash has taken on even more significance. The movie is being touted as a ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE‘ level crossover of sorts. A Multiverse building collaboration that brings the entire DC Universe together on the screen for the very first time. The plot is loosely based on the classic “Flashpoint” storyline where Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) changes the course of history by preventing his mother’s murder. A decision that has cosmic ramifications for the entire Multiverse.

The Flash Concept Art


The Multiverse aspects alone make this project a tantalizing prospect. Michael Keaton’s return as the caped crusader has heightened anticipation for the project tenfold. And fans are now eager to learn the fate of Bruce Wayne in the aftermath of Batman Returns.

The Flash | Set Photo's Reveal A Location From Batman '89

Thankfully, in the first set of photo’s from The Flash, a return to Wayne Manor has been revealed.  The images from the set reveal Warner Bros. lighting trucks and set construction taking place at Burghley House in Lincolnshire, England. (The original set from 1989).  Neither Ezra Miller nor Michael Keaton has spotted on set, but with production moving forward at pace surely that’s only a matter of time.

Given Michael Keaton’s involvement in the project, a return to Wayne Manor was always on the cards. Sadly, Michael Gough has since passed away and will not be on hand to reprise his role as Alfred. But it is a joy to have our return to familiar pastures confirmed. Obviously, it remains to be seen if either Miller or Keaton will be filming on location, or whether the Manor is just being used to capture exterior shots. But with the Batcave residing below the grounds of the lavish mansion, surely it’s only a matter of time before Keaton appears on the set.

Batman '89


A return to Wayne Manor also teases an exploration of what happened to Bruce Wayne following the events of Batman Returns. Could our return to the Batcave reveal whether or not he married Selina Kyle? Or whether he adopted Dick Grayson and charged into battle with Robin at his side? Only time will tell. Let’s hope we get our answers when The Flash hits our screens next year. But in the meantime, it’s going to be tons of fun to speculate about!

The Flash is set to release on November 4th, 2022.

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