December 10, 2023
'The Bad Batch' Has One Major Problem: It's Nothing New

Is The Bad Batch following the same formula as The Mandalorian by not evolving past the family dynamic?

The Bad Batch has been on for four weeks and it has grasped the hearts of Star Wars fans with its characters and surprises. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series since its first 70-minute-long episode. And each week’s episode seems to be more interesting than the last but something is becoming very clear.

The Bad Batch is nothing new.

Dave Filoni attends the LA premiere of “The Mandalorian” at the El Capitan Theatre on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Dave Filoni has cornered himself into a rut, storytelling-wise. Every one of his series has featured a family dynamic of sorts. Anakin and Obi-Wan were essentially Ahsoka’s big brothers as they made their way through a galaxy torn by war. Star Wars: Rebels is practically a foster family of rebels trying to take down the Empire. The Mandalorian, created by Jon Favreau and Filoni, features the super cute father-son relationship between Mando and Grogu. And now we have The Bad Batch, a show featuring a group of misfit clones practically babysitting a clone girl through the galaxy.

The Bad Batch

I, for one, have no problem with the similarities of these family dynamics. But The Bad Batch feels so reminiscent of The Mandalorian that it’s kind of taking away from the overall enjoyment of the series. Even though The Clone WarsStar Wars: Rebels, and The Mandalorian all had a familial storyline they each have their own stories and vibe. But The Bad Batch doesn’t feel like something new.

The Bad Batch - Omega


To be honest, the series’ best episode was its first. When it focused solely on The Bad Batch before they became “The Dad Batch” as they faced the intimidating newness of the Empire. And even though Omega is so cute and likable she has become a distraction to the show. And has made the story fall into a bit of a rut. Especially considering that, like Grogu, she’s a mysterious child that the Empire wants to capture for some mysterious reason. And a very cool macho guy (or macho guys in this case) has to protect her.

The Bad Batch

Would the series be as interesting without her? Maybe not but honestly, I’m hoping that the next few Star Wars series: The Book of Boba FettAndor, and Obi-Wan Kenobi don’t follow this same formula. Or these shows are going to become boringly predictable real fast.

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2 thoughts on “‘The Bad Batch’ Has One Major Problem: It’s Nothing New

  1. I love this article and I so agree. I’ve been ok with this show but The Dad Batch should be a new meme/codename for the show. I think Star Wars writers are too afraid to deviate too much from the formula of “family” in Star Wars. It worked in 1977 so their logic is it should work in 2021. That’s not necessarily the case. For something to grow; it needs to evolve and develop different facets.

    Anyway; great piece Annlyel. We should collaborate sometime.

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