January 30, 2023
Review | Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 5 "Rampage"

The Bad Batch Episode 5 “Rampage” is Star Wars at its finest, a fun adventure with tons of action.

The Bad Batch gets around. This week they journey to Ord Mantell, a planet first mentioned in an offhand comment from Empire Strikes Back. Han remarks about how the bounty hunter he encountered on this world, changed his mind about staying with the Rebellion. So it’s only fitting that Star Wars borrows it again to deal with bounty hunters.

The Bad Batch Episode 5 Rampage


The Bad Batch wants to find out who is hunting Omega and who the mysterious bounty hunter is. One of the great things about this episode is that nothing is what it seems at first. And things tend to turn out differently than you would first expect. Distraction and diversion. I love it. It’s what makes Star Wars so much fun. Anyway, on Ord Mantell, there is an informant named Cid, that Echo knows of and Cid is quite a character. Cid will trade the info on the bounty hunter if they rescue a child named Muchi from some Zygerrian slavers on the other side of the planet.

The Bad Batch Episode 5 Rampage


We haven’t seen Zygerrians in quite some time. And they still have Russian accents, keep monsters as pets, and well, traffic beings. They are thrilled the Republic is no more, as they feel their slave trade can flourish under the Empire. This is a dark flashback to Sidious during The Clone Wars, saying how his future government will be run on millions of slaves. And we are seeing as early as 19 BBY, how this comes to fruition. Clone Force 99 kinda reminds me of a Navy SEAL team, doing Black Ops missions all the time. But unfortunately, today is not their day, as they were captured.

The Bad Batch Episode 5 Rampage


Omega (who was luckily told to stay on the ship) must come to their rescue and we see how much of a team player, this little girl is. She’s very much a child, but she has so much heart, that you can’t help but love her. Muchi (the bounty) is not who you would expect. And the rest of the episode is basically a bunch of really cool fights between creatures and Clone Force 99.

The Bad Batch Episode 5 Rampage


It’s not the most elegant story, but it certainly makes for good entertainment and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. We even get a really fun cameo at the end along with an origin story (perhaps) for one of Star Wars’ most beloved monsters. Cid is pretty funny and I hope to see more of her as the series progresses. She has job opportunities for The Bad Batch and the credits to back it up.

Omega in Episode 5 Rampage

I also love how the person who hired Fennec Shand is completely unknown to even this wily informant. And if you look at my previous article; I have a hunch on who it is and why they are after Omega. Tons of fun; do not miss this episode!

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