December 7, 2022
The Bad Batch | Cid Character Poster

A new character poster for Star Wars: The Bad Batch has arrived featuring Cid

We are now just hours away from the next exciting episode of The Bad Batch.  The series returns for its sixth episode this Friday. And determined to build upon the recent character poster reveals for Hunter, Echo, Tech, Crosshair, Wrecker, Omega, Saw Gerrera, and Fennec Shand; Lucasfilm has released a poster for the mysterious Jedi informant, Cid.

The Bad Batch Episode 5 Rampage

The mysterious informant made a tidy profit filtering strategic information to the Jedi Order. But since the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire, her services have been deemed surplus to requirement.  Check out her glorious character poster below:

The Bad Batch Cid Character Poster


A seasoned operator, Cid owns a parlor on Ord Mantell. Her numerous contacts once made her a valuable informant for the Jedi, but with the rise of the Empire Cid keeps this past hidden. Cid operates a work-for-hire business, employing people like the Bad Batch to take on a variety of assignments

Our reviews of the series are already emerging from lightspeed. And further reviews will be coming thick and fast. So maintain your orbit around Future of the Force for the latest reviews as they arrive.

The Bad Batch Cid

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